Toloka Service Terms of Use

This is an old version of the document, which expired on March 31, 2021. The current version is available at:


Effective date: February 3rd, 2021

1.1. To access Platform and Services, Customer shall get registered on Toloka Platrorm, create Personal Account with Yandex.Passport associated with a valid e-mail address and get the access to API. Immediately after that Customer shall inform Yandex of its login (email address) which was used for creation of Personal Account.

1.2. Customer shall ensure safe storage of and prevent the login details Customer uses to access Services from being compromised. All actions performed on the Toloka Platform using Personal Account and (or) the Toloka API using the login and password provided to Customer shall be deemed to be performed directly by Customer.

1.3. Customer will access Platform via its own internet connection and solely responsible for arranging access via the Internet with its internet access provider. Yandex excludes any responsibility and warranties (express or implied) for transmission or receipt of data through Customer’s internet connection.

1.4. Customer may order, set up, and manage Services via Personal Account or the API`s (Application Programming Interface) of Services. 1.5. Customer shall, on its own, place Task via the Interfaces of Toloka Platform by one of the following ways:

1.5.1. placement of Task through Customer’s Personal Account pursuant to the Instruction for Customers posted in the information section of Customer’s Personal Account and here,

1.5.2. placement of Task using API of the Yandex.Toloka service (hereinafter referred to as the API) pursuant to the API User Guide posted in the information section of Customer’s Personal Account.

1.6. Regardless of the way Customer uses to place Tasks, Customer shall, on its own and without the intervention of Yandex, specify the settings of Task, establish deadlines, post Task Instruction; Internet links, texts and visual materials shown to the Users when performing Task; and shall establish Requirements. No Users failing to comply with Requirements (based on the user information available to Yandex) will be invited to perform Tasks.

1.7. Customer shall specify Requirements for all Tasks, including any deadlines, instructions, and materials required to complete Task. Requirements may include requirements to User’s gender, age, education, citizenship, region, country, city of residence, ability to speak certain languages, type of device that enables User’s access to Toloka Platfrom and Tasks (desktop or mobile device), specifications of such device, specifications of User’s operating system, User’s skills in performing certain types of Tasks (in accordance with Customer’s independent assessment of User’s skills, which the Customer can conduct using functions provided by Yandex), User’s willingness to view content meant for adults only, and any other requirements.

1.8. Customer’s abilities to place Tasks with certain content are limited by technical specifications and functionality of Toloka Platform, Customer’s Personal Account and API. Yandex shall not be held liable, if Customer fails to place a certain Task fully complying with Customer's wishes, for the said reason.

1.9. If Customer authorizes any third parties to manage Services on behalf of Customer, such third parties (representatives of Customer) shall comply with the terms of this Service Terms, Agreement and any Linked Documents referred to in Agreement. Customer is responsible for all activities that occur under its account, regardless of whether the activities are authorized by Customer or undertaken by Customer, its employees or a third party (as e.g. contractors, agents or Users). All acts or omissions of such third parties will be attributed to Customer as if they were its` own.

1.10. The procedure and terms for deleting Customer’s information and Content from the resources of Platform upon Customer’s request, as well as in cases when Customer’s access to Services is suspended due to breach of the terms and conditions of Agreement, are specified under request at:

1.11. Customer gives consent to receive advertising and informative messages from time to time (opt in). Customer may refuse to receive advertising messages any time provides or by following the instructions specified in a message received as e.g. clicking an unsubscribe link (opt out).