Terms of Use of Yandex.Directory Service

1. General Provisions

1.1. Terms and Definitions

Yandex means YANDEX Limited Liability Company (OGRN 1027700229193), address: 16 Leo Tolstoy Street, Moscow, 119021.

Yandex.Directorymeans Yandex.Directory service that forms an integral part of Yandex.Maps service and is available to Internet users at: https://yandex.ru/sprav, as well as the part of Yandex services and software applications of its affiliates and other third parties.

Terms mean these Terms of Use of Yandex.Directory published at: https://yandex.com/legal/sprav_termsofuse.

Regulatory Documents mean documents regulating the terms of use of the Service specified in clause 1.2. hereof.

User means a user of the Internet using the functionality of the Service to search, view information about the Companies in the Service, other functions of the Service for personal and household needs.

Company means an object (including companies, institutions, their branches, places of provision of services and/or sale of goods, other objects displayed in Yandex.Maps service), information whereof is placed in a special Company Card of Yandex.Directory service, and also marked in Yandex.Maps service according to its actual location.

Company Card means an information block containing information about the Company in the Service.

Company Card Owner means a person who has confirmed in the Service the rights of administration in relation to the Company Card, as well as the understanding hereof, any person involved by the Company Card Owner to manage the functions, content, and publication of Company Data.

Company Data means information displayed in the Company Cards concerning information about the Company, its hours of operation, services provided/goods sold, etc., including the Content displayed in the Company Card.

Content means photo, video, text materials (including reviews) uploaded by the Users or the Company Card Owners in the Service, concerning information about the Company and/or the services provided/goods sold.

The Terms may use other terms and definitions, which are not defined in this clause. In this case, such terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the text of the Terms and Regulatory Documents. If the said documents contain no unequivocal interpretation of the term, the Parties shall rely upon interpretation of this term defined: first, by the applicable laws, second, as it is established (generally used) in the Internet.

1.2. The way the User uses the Service shall be governed by these Terms, as well as the Regulatory Documents:

1.3.By starting to use the Service/its certain functions, the User shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and provisions of Regulatory Documents in full, without any reservations and exceptions. If the User disagrees with any of the provisions of the said documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.4. These Terms, as well as the terms of the Regulatory Documents, may be changed by Yandex without any special notice. The updated Terms and/or the Regulatory Documents come into force from the moment they are published on the Internet at the address specified in clause 1.2. of the relevant document. The Terms in force are always available at: https://yandex.com/legal/sprav_termsofuse.

1.5. If Yandex has made any amendments to these Terms and Regulatory Documents according to the procedure specified in clause 1.4 hereof and the User disagrees with these amendments, the User shall stop using the Service.

1.6. By using the Service, the User gives his/her consent to receive informative and promotional messages. Yandex may inform the User about special offers of the Company Card Owners for the User.

The User may unsubscribe from promotional messages by using relevant functions of the Service or following instructions specified in a promotional message received.

2. Service content. Functionality of the Service for Users

2.1. The Service provides the functionality of publishing, viewing and searching information about Companies (Company Data) located at the addresses displayed in Yandex.Maps service.

The Company Data available in the Service is provided by the Company Card Owners (upon confirmation of rights regarding the administration of the Company Card in accordance with section 3 hereof), by Users on the terms specified in section 3 hereof, Service partners, as well as by Yandex (by specifying information from publicly available sources or other Yandex services).

2.2. The information provided in the Service is for reference only. The functionality of the Service and any Company Data published therein shall not be intended to be used for the purpose of establishing legally significant facts, advertising the goods and services of the Companies, generating accurate statistics, expressing an objective assessment of Yandex regarding the activities of the Company and recommendations regarding appeals to their goods and services, entering into transactions on the conditions specified in the Company Cards, and for any other purposes other than informing the User about the Companies and their activities. For more reliable and up-to-date information, the User is recommended to additionally clarify the information of interest directly from the representatives of the Company or in other sources of information.

2.3. The Users who have passed the authorization procedure using Yandex services account have the ability to create a Company Card, as well as add/correct/clarify the Company Data, including the ability to publish the Company Card Content in accordance with the requirements specified in section 3 hereof and the rules published at: https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/add-company/info-terms.html.

Any changes made by the User in relation to the Company Data specified in the Company Card, the administration rights whereto are confirmed by the Company, shall be possible subject to the approval of the changes by the Company Card Owner.

2.4. The Service provides Users with the opportunity to post their reviews about the Company on the terms published at: https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/manage/reviews.html. The review should express the subjective assessment of the User regarding the goods/services of the Company and/or reliably stated the actual circumstances of the case of contacting the Company. Yandex shall not be responsible for reliability, relevance, or accuracy of the information contained in the review.

The User is aware and agrees that when the review is published in the Service, the User's name and avatar will be displayed, specified by him/her during registration or specified in the User's account settings.

The review can be removed and/or not allowed to be posted by the Service based on the results of the moderation procedure carried out or on the basis of a complaint regarding the inconsistency of the content of the review with the rules of the Service. If a negative decision is made when the review passes the moderation procedure or the procedure for recognizing the complaint as justified, the review may not be allowed/limited to publication in the Service. Such review can be displayed in the personal account of the User who left the review at: https://yandex.ru/ugcpub/cabinet.

The User agrees that the reviews and ratings left by him/her about the Companies can be published and used by Yandex within the Service and other Yandex services, as well as on third-party websites by users of Yandex.Maps API service, without the User's additional consent. In this case, the User's reviews about the Companies are published and used “as is” with the preservation of the author's grammar, spelling and punctuation, indicating the name under which the review is posted, and the image of the User's account (profile avatar image).

2.5. The Service provides the User with the opportunity to book the services of the Company, subject to the availability of the booking form in the Company Card.

The booking shall be made by filling out the booking form by the User and specifying the necessary information.

By filling out and submitting the booking form, the User agrees to the processing of the data specified in the form by Yandex on the terms of the Privacy Policy (http://yandex.com/legal/confidential), as well as to the transfer of data to the Company for whose services the booking is requested, in order to pre-booking services and providing feedback on booking and providing services to the User, as well as for the purpose of feedback between the Company and the User regarding the provision of its services/sale of its goods.

2.6. The User has the opportunity to book services provided by the Company using the Bookform System provided by the partner of the Service on the terms published at: https://www.bookform.ru/user-agreement. When filling out the booking form and making a reservation using it, the User agrees with the transfer of the data specified in the form to Entertainment Corporation, LLC for processing on the terms of the Privacy Policy (https://www.bookform.ru/privacy-policy), as well as representatives of the Company, in relation to the services of which booking is requested, in order to pre-book services and provide feedback on planning and providing services to the User.

3. Functionality of the Service for Companies

3.1. Any person authorized by the Company to perform actions in the Service on behalf of the Company, logged in the Service using the Yandex services account, shall have the opportunity to create a Company Card in the Service https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/add-company/info-terms.html and verify his/her rights in relation to this Company Card, or verify his/her rights in relation to the Company Card previously created in the Service by the Users.

Verification of rights in relation to the Company Card shall be carried out in the manner and on the terms available at: https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/manage/verify.html.

3.2. Yandex may, at any time, demand from the person requesting verification of rights in relation to the Company Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Applicant”), or from the current Company Card Owner, additional information and/or documents confirming the Applicant's or the Company Card Owner's relation to the Company's activities and the authority to perform actions in the Service on behalf of the Company, including, but not limited to, the articles of association of the Company, power of attorney, documents on registration of a legal entity and/or individual entrepreneur, a certificate of registration with the tax authorities, a resolution on the election of management bodies, extracts from the registers, etc.

Yandex may check the relevance of the Applicant/Company Card Owner to the activities of the Company in any other way.

In the event of doubts as to the legality of the actions of the Applicant/Company Card Owner in administering the Company Card in the Service, Yandex may refuse to verify his/her rights to the Company, or at any time restrict access to the administration of the Company Card in the Service.

3.3. When verifying the rights to administer the Company Card, the Company Card Owner may manage the content of the Company Card through “My companies” section available in the Service when logging in using the account that was used to verify the rights in relation to the Company Card (hereinafter the “Personal Account”), as well as add, edit Company Data, accept User amendments to Company Data, upload Content, customize the functionality of the Company Card in accordance with the requirements of these Terms and Regulatory Documents, as well as the rules available in the relevant sections at: https://yandex.ru/support/sprav.

All actions performed in the Personal Account shall be considered to have been committed by the Company Card Owner. The Company Card Owner shall bear full responsibility for the safety and confidentiality of credentials for accessing the Personal Account and independently determine the procedure for access to it by persons involved in using the Service on behalf of the Company.

3.4. Intentionally deleted.

3.5. The Company Card Owner may use and customize the booking form in the Service for its use by the Users on the terms of clauses 2.5, 2.8 hereof.

The display of the booking button in the Company Card shall be free of charge. The booking button shall be displayed automatically, subject to prior notification to the Company. Settings for the display of the booking function button, as well as its disabling, can be made in the Personal Account.

Yandex reserves the right at any time, without giving any reason, to disable the booking option in the Company Card, including when it detects repeated impossibility of booking for reasons related to the Company, receiving information about facts of violation or a threat of violation of the rights and legal interests of third parties by the Company, violation of provisions of the law and these Terms, as well as other circumstances.

3.6. The Company Card Owner may edit, customize and use the company page in the Service containing the Company Data previously posted in the Company Card. The company's page is generated automatically. The page created for the company is automatically assigned an address with the following initial URL values: https://yandex.ru/profile/permalink.

3.7. The Company Card Owner may access the section of the Personal Account containing statistical data on the attendance of the Company Card, as well as other pages of the Company Card Owner in Yandex services.

The information provided shall be for reference only and contain data obtained on an impersonal basis on the terms of use of Yandex.Metrica service (http://yandex.com/legal/metrica_termsofuse).

4. Company Data Posting. Limitation of Liability

4.1. The Service is provided “as is”. Yandex provides no warranties of fitness of the Service for purposes and expectations of the User and the Company Card Owner, of trouble- and error-free operation of the Service in general and its certain functions, Yandex may, in particular, change functions the Service provides, fully or partially, at any time.

Yandex provides no warranties of safety of the data presented in the Service in any volume and/or for any period of time, including in the event of a change in the display of Data in connection with the development or change of the Service.

4.2. When posting the Company Data and Content, the User/Company Card Owner undertakes to comply with the requirements of the rules published at: https://yandex.ru/support/sprav, as well as the requirements of the Regulatory Documents and these Terms. When posting Company Data, it is prohibited, in particular, to:

-place deliberately false, irrelevant, inaccurate, harmful information;

-mislead Users regarding the activities of the Company, the features of the services provided/ goods sold (except for the information posted in the User's review based on his/her subjective opinion), its details, etc.;

-impersonate another person, including illegally acquiring access to the administration of the Company Card;

-post Content that violates the rights and legal interests of Yandex and third parties, including Content containing the intellectual property of third parties, without obtaining the consent of the copyright holder;

-post information prohibited for distribution by applicable law, as part of the Company Data and Content;

-collect and store personal data of Users and third parties without permission;

-use the Service for any illegal purposes, in illegal ways, as well as take actions that violate or threaten to violate the rights and interests of the Users, Yandex and third parties;

4.3. Yandex is not obliged (but is entitled) to moderate, view, edit or control information posted within the Service, Company Data and Content, and cannot guarantee that information, Company Data and Content posted by the User/ Company Card Owner within the Service do not violate the provisions hereof, legislative and regulatory acts, or other documents.

The User and/or the Company Card Owner, who posted the Company Data (including Content) in the Service, shall solely and entirely bear all risks and responsibility for the content of the information provided by him/her, its compliance with the law, its completeness, correctness and reliability. Yandex shall not be responsible for posting (including for unscrupulous purposes) of Company Data by the User/Company Card Owner that is not true, irrelevant, violates the rights and legal interests of third parties, and shall not confirm or deny compliance with the law, correctness and reliability of Company Data.

4.4. In case of violation of the requirements of these Terms and the Regulatory Documents, Yandex reserves the right to restrict the access of the Company Card Owner/User to the Service (or to certain functions of the Service, if technologically possible) using his/her account or completely block the account, or restrict access to certain information posted in the Service or Company Card.

5. Intellectual property and use of the Service data

5.1. The rights to the Service database containing information about the Companies, as well as the design of the Service as a whole and its individual elements, the rights to the Service software, belong to Yandex. By starting to use the Service, the User guarantees that he/she does not and will not perform any acts aimed at bypassing security features designed to protect against the unauthorized use of the objects specified above. Any copying, reproduction, processing, dissemination, publication, bypassing security features, or other use of them beyond the functions provided by the Service as well as any commercial use shall be prohibited.

5.2. The User/Company Card Owner shall be solely liable to third parties for his/her actions related to the publication of information using the Service, including for the fact that such publication complies with the requirements of the law and does not violate the rights and legal interests of third parties.

The User understands and agrees that the information posted by him/her, which contains intellectual property, shall not violate copyrights, trademark rights, means of individualization and/or other intellectual rights belonging to third parties. The User, in his/her sole discretion and at his/her own expense, undertakes to settle all claims of third parties related to the publication (editing), dissemination of information containing intellectual property.

5.3. In the event of violations related to the unlawful use of intellectual property in the Service, the copyright holder and its duly authorized persons may send a claim with the obligatory indication of the address of the Company Card, Content/information that violates the exclusive rights of the applicant, confirmation of the existence of rights in relation to the intellectual property object, the rights to which, in the opinion of the applicant, are violated in the Service, the powers to appeal on behalf of the copyright holder/proof of identity of the copyright holder (upon personal appeal).

Yandex may request additional information from the applicant in order to consider the received claim. The received claim can be transferred to the Company Card Owner so as to send explanations and/or objections regarding the content of the claim and voluntary adoption of appropriate measures. In case of ignoring the requirements of the claim, or failure to provide a justified position regarding the legality of using the disputed information in the Company Card, Yandex may independently take measures to restrict access to the disputed information or the Company Card as a whole.

If there are controversial circumstances in which a decision on the legality/illegality of posting information in the Service cannot be taken by Yandex in its own discretion and requires a decision of a competent authority, Yandex may refuse to satisfy the requirements of the received claim.

5.4. Information posted in the Service may be used by Yandex in other Yandex services and applications, as well as in advertising or marketing materials posted on Yandex resources on the Internet to attract the attention of other users to information in the Service (including Company Data), to the Service in general or to other Yandex applications and services, goods, works and services of third parties, both with the indication of the author of the posted information, and without it, without the need to obtain special permission from the User and without payment of royalties, with the right of Yandex to grant the rights to use such information to third parties for use in specified advertising or marketing materials. If the User is not entitled to grant Yandex the right to use any information in this way, he/she shall refrain from posting such information.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. Personal Information provided by the User or the Company Card Owner shall be processed under the terms of the Privacy Policy (http://yandex.com/legal/confidential) in order to provide the User with the general functionality of the Service and its individual functions.

When the User makes a call using a spoofed number specified in the Company Card, Yandex may record and store the conversation made on the call using such spoofed number, as well as the phone number of the User from which the call was made. By initiating a call using a spoofed number, the User agrees to record the conversation and the phone number from which the call was made, as well as to transfer the phone number to the Company Card Owner for the purpose of possible feedback from the Owner on the provision of services to the User.

6.2. In the event of reasonable assumptions about a possible violation of the law, rights and interests of third parties by information posted in the Service, the User may send a complaint about the content of the Company Card or the actions of the Company/Company Card Owner using the feedback form available at https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/troubleshooting/main.html.

When sending a complaint, the User shall indicate the reason why the content of the Company Card or the actions of the Company Card Owner/Company, in his/her opinion, may violate the law, rights and interests of third parties. Based on the complaints received, Yandex may take appropriate measures to eliminate the violation. Complaints about violation of intellectual property rights in the Service shall be considered in the manner prescribed by clause 5.3. hereof.

Date of publication: 26.08.2020.