Owner of the website you visited (Site) uses Yandex SmartCaptcha service (Service). The Service function is to verify requests and block robots. Thanks to the Service, user’s experience on the website becomes more convenient: you do not have to mark up pictures, because in most cases, it is enough to click "I'm not a robot" button, or the Service verifies the entrance to the Site on its own.

In order to install the Service, the owner of the Site has instructed Yandex Cloud (Yandex) to perform collection and processing of technical data about your device, its activity and digital fingerprint (token, browser features, referer, timezone, etc.). This data is collected when you use the Site or its specific pages where widget of the Service is installed.

Yandex uses your data solely for the purposes of operating and maintaining the Service within instructions of the Site’s owner, as well as for improvement of the Service on the basis of its legitimate interest. At the same time, Yandex has no tools to reliably identify you. Term of storing data is 60 days from the moment of its collection, after its expiration data is going to be deleted.

Yandex does its best to protect your data and stores it on servers located in Russia. You can learn more about how Yandex processes personal data in Yandex Privacy Policy (current version –

If you have questions, objections or you would like to exercise your data subject’s rights, please address your concerns to the owner of the Site – controller of your personal data. Its contact details shall be indicated on the Site.


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Date of placement: August 26, 2022

Effective date: September 5, 2022