Rules of sales promotion. Terms and conditions for the use of Promo Codes in Yandex.Direct service

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Posting date: April 09, 2020

Effective date: April 09, 2020

The Advertiser's acceptance and compliance with the requirements and provisions set forth herein is the prerequisite for the provision of Yandex.Direct Services by Yandex.

1. Terms:

For the purposes of this document, the following terms, not defined in the Offer, shall have the following meaning:

Promo Code means a certain sequence of symbols which, after being activated, grants a discount to a participant of the sales promotion subject to other terms of the Promo Code Use Policy.

Promo Code Activation means the entry of the Promo Code into a specially designated field in the Client web interface or another action provided for by the terms of use of the Promo Code.

Discount means the amount of discount provided to the participant of the sales promotion in relation to the cost of Yandex.Direct Services.

Website means an Internet page containing the terms and conditions for the provision of Discount.

The Organizer of sales promotion is Yandex Europe AG, Switzerland

Offer means the "Offer for the Provision of Yandex.Direct Services" published on the Internet at:

2. The Promo Code may be communicated to the participant of the sales promotion by e-mail, SMS or otherwise by a message indicating the Promo Code (the "Message").

3. The Promo Code gives the right to receive a Discount only if the Promo Code is activated within the time specified in the Message.

4. To activate the Promo Code, the amount of the first invoice paid shall be at least the amount indicated in the information supporting the sales promotion. To use the Promo Code, an invoice for the placement of advertising materials in Yandex.Direct shall be issued and paid within 30 calendar days from when the Promo Code is activated. Upon payment, the participant will receive a discount in the amount of the nominal value of the Promo Code received. Formally, the specified discount will be recognized as credit of extra funds to the balance of the sales promotion participant of the advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct.

5. The discount provided upon activation of the Promo Code has no expiry date.

6. Promo Code may be used by direct advertisers (i.e., advertisers who directly entered into an agreement with Yandex Europe AG for provision of Yandex.Direct services).

7. The advertiser may use only one Promo Code and may activate it once. This means that the Promo Code once entered in the appropriate field on the webpage, where a payment method is selected, may not be reused for provision of a Discount.

8. Subject to the general requirements, the Promo Code may not be used to advertise a third-level domain (e.g., or a social media page, if otherwise specified when providing the Promo Code.

9. The Promo Code may not be used for advertising without specifying a domain and for mobile apps ads.

10. The activated Promo Code will be canceled in the event of a domain change, of adding any other domain to the advertising account, as well as in the event of setting up a redirect to another domain. In this case, the cancellation of the Discount granted will be formally recognized as the write-off of the previously provided extra funds left on the balance of the sales promotion participant of the advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct.

11. The Discount value is specified VAT free.

12. The Promo Code may not be transferred to third parties either for a consideration or free of charge.

13. In case of violation of the terms of use of the Promo Code, including if such a violation is revealed after the activation of the Promo Code, Yandex.Direct services will be provided for an amount not exceeding the amount of the advance payment made by the advertiser.

14. The amount of the discount provided under the Promo Code may not be paid in cash.

15. The price of Yandex.Direct setup services provided under the Terms and Conditions published online at: is included in the price of Yandex.Direct services provided under the terms and conditions of the Offer published on online at:

16. The Organizer of sales promotion reserves the right to suspend or terminate the sales promotion, or change its terms and conditions at any time without giving any reason. Information on the suspension/termination/amendment of the terms and conditions of the sales promotion will be posted on the Website.

17. Activation of the Promo Code shall mean the full consent of the participant of the action with these terms and conditions.

18. In order to prevent the unfair use of Promo Codes and/or misuse of Promo Codes, the Organizer of sales promotion reserves the right to use other methods not expressly specified in these Terms and Conditions to verify that the sales promotion participant is using Promo Codes in accordance with these terms and conditions and to refuse to provide the Discount in case of detection of relevant misuse and/or unfair use of the Promo Code.

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