Privacy Notice

Yango Deli lets you purchase goods from our partners and have them delivered to your door.

The service was created by Yandex N.V., an international IT company with offices around the world and with its headquarters in the Netherlands.

1. Who is processing your data in Yango Deli?

  1. Your data is processed by the company providing the service in your country:
    • In Israel - Yandex.GO Israel Ltd. (148 Begin Road, Tel Aviv, 6492104).
    • In France - Deli International S.A.S. (6, place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris).
    • In the UK - Deli International Limited (Carpenter Court, Maple Road, Bramhall, Cheshire, SK7 2DH, United Kingdom).

    These companies are defined by law as “controllers”.

  2. We use the experience and technology of our affiliates in Finland, the Netherlands and Russia.

    They all follow strict requirements while processing your data.

  3. Authentication tools within the service are developed by Yandex LLC. Following registration, your phone number is sent to Yandex LLC for registration and authentication with Yango Deli. Once you are registered, you can use other services of Yango and Yandex around the world. Your data are not sent to these services until you use them.

    The Headquarters of Yandex LLC are located in Moscow, Russia. Yandex Oy (Moreenikatu 6, 04600 Mantsala, Finland) acts on its behalf in the EU in respect of all matters related to data processing.

    Detailed information on data processing by Yandex LLC can be found in Yandex’s confidentiality policy (https://yandex.ru/legal/confidential).

  4. In some countries, the Yango Deli mobile app uses Google Maps services. You can figure it out by the information on the map screen in our app. If this is the case, we are not the data controller of the data that Google can receive from its map service. For more information on how Google processes your data and how to control the information that Google collects, please refer to Google's policies (https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites).
  5. Our data protection officer can be contacted at dpo-yt@yandex-team.ru

2. Why are your data processed?

  1. The data that we receive about you from Yango Deli are required in order to provide you with the service.

    For example, your address is required to show you the goods available for purchase and delivery. Your bank card information is required to proceed with the payment.

  2. Certain data are required to improve our service, user experience, to expand our Client base, the amount of the average bill and prevent unauthorised orders etc. Such data are used in our legitimate interests while respecting all your rights.

    You can contact our Client support via the Yango Deli app to oppose such data processing if you consider that the risks to you outweigh our interests.

  3. We process some of your data as required by law.

    For example, we must provide relevant data to law enforcement authorities if they properly require us to do so.

  4. We may sometimes request your consent to use certain data. Such data may be required, for example, within the scope of special offers. In any case, you will be informed of the purpose of such data collection. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting our Client service via the Yango Deli app.
  5. In exceptional cases, we will process your data for reasons of significant public interest, to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of a third party or otherwise for reasons of public interest in the area of public health.

3. Which data are being processed and how?

  1. We use the data:
    • (a) You provide in Yango Deli

      For example, your name and phone number, delivery address and payment information

    • (b) We receive about you from your device and the Yango Deli app

      For example, your device identifier. If our system detects an unusual attempt to connect to your account from another device, we will ask you to log in again. This will allow us to ensure that you actually control the account.

    • (c) We receive by analysis of the data about how the service is used

      For example, which goods you order most often. This allows us to offer you specific functions and show you certain changes in the interface.

    • (d) We receive from our other services, for example, if you logged in to such services with your Yango Deli credentials

      For example, we might suggest delivery to an address indicated by you in our map service.

    • (e) We receive from our partners

      For example, if you have installed Yango Deli app by clicking on a promotional link, we will share the identifier with our partner. This will allow us to understand whether the advertising campaign was successful.

    • (f) You provide to the Client service via social media

      For example, when you contact our social media accounts and provide your data to resolve an issue related to the service.

  2. Your data are only shared with parties that:
    • (a) Directly assist in providing the service

      For example, our partners involved in handling your order, our affiliates providing authentication tools and data centres, and companies assisting us with Client support services.

    • (b) Are entitled to receive your data in accordance with the law:

      For example, law enforcement authorities duly entitled to do so.

    • (c) Help us to improve our service

      For example, an advertising identifier or device identifier may be shared with companies providing us with advertisement or analytics services.

  3. We process your data until the purpose for processing them is achieved. We can continue processing your data if such processing is required by law or necessary to protect our rights and interests, as well as the rights and interests of third parties.

    For example, order-related data are stored for the relevant limitation period.

  4. The data provided by you within Yango Deli are required in order for the service to function properly. Without such data you would be unable to place an order, proceed with payment or use other functionalities. If we request your consent for the purpose of providing specific services, you can refuse to provide such consent, and this will not affect your use of such service.
  5. We use automatic data processing for certain processes.

    For example, our anti-fraud systems automatically detect your activity within the service and block certain functions or the ability to place an order. This is done to promptly protect your account and our and our partners’ financial interests, as well as the financial interests of third parties. If you consider that our systems have made a mistake, please contact our Client service via the Yango Deli app.

  6. Phone conversations with our customer support service, as well as with the executors of your order (if such calls are made using features of Yango Deli app) are recorded. This is to work with disputes and legal claims, as well as to control the quality of the service provided to you. The recordings are kept for a strictly limited time and are available only to persons authorized by us.

4. Do we transfer your data to other countries?

  1. We use our affiliates’ experience and technology. Your data are transferred to the companies mentioned below in order to ensure continuity of service and protection of our legitimate interests:
    • (a) In Finland to Yandex Oy (Moreenikatu 6, 04600 Mantsala, Finland) for the purpose of data storage in our data centre, data processing, analysis and traffic monitoring in Yango Deli. Finland is a part of the EU and is a country that provides adequate protection of personal data;
    • (b) In the Netherlands to Yandex.Taxi B.V. (Schiphol Boulevard 291, 1118 BH Schiphol, the Netherlands), which provides cloud services for Yango Deli. This is only relevant for certain countries where Yango Deli is available;
    • (c) In Russia to Yandex.Taxi LLC (123112, Russia, Moscow, 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage, 21, building 1) to back up your data in our data centres and use the company’s cloud software solutions;
    • (d) In Russia to Yandex LLC (16 Lva Tolstogo st., Moscow, 119021, Russia) to provide an authentication system for Yango Deli;
  2. Finland and the Netherlands are EU countries and provide adequate protection of personal data.

    Russia is not on the list of countries providing adequate protection of personal data. Consequently, we have entered into data protection agreements with companies based in Russia to ensure that your rights are respected and your personal data are protected during transfer. Such agreements are based on standard terms approved by the European Commission.

5. How can you enforce your rights?

  1. Access

    You can always access your data. In order to do so, you will have to log into the service. This gives assurance that no third party has access to your data. At Yango Deli you will have access to your order history and credentials. You can contact our Client service via the Yango Deli mobile app to obtain a data archive related to the information processed by the service.

  2. Rectification

    You can correct your data on the Yango Deli app by logging into the service or by contacting our Client support. If it is not possible to correct the data from within the app, please contact our Client support.

  3. Removal

    You can remove your data from the service via Yango Deli app or by contacting our Client support. You can also remove your account entirely by contacting our Client support. Once removed, we will keep certain data including data required to be kept in accordance with law or the data required to protect our interests, including in the context of court proceedings. The ability to delete data may be limited by law or provisions related to the freedom of speech.

  4. Blocking

    You have the right to block the processing of your data in certain circumstances. For example, should you wish to correct your data via our Client support service, you can request that your data be blocked until such data have been rectified. Please contact our Client support to proceed.

  5. Portability

    When we automatically process your data based on your consent or in order to provide service functionality, you can request that such data are provided to you in machine-readable format. Please contact our Client support to proceed.

  6. Objections

    You can submit an objection to our Client service should you consider that the processing of your data violates your rights. Please bear in mind that this is possible in cases where we are processing your data in our legitimate interest.

  7. Complaints

    We are always ready to examine your complaints and suggestions. Please send these to our Client service. In addition, you can file a complaint with the relevant supervisory body if you consider that your rights are not respected.

  8. Client service

    You can reach our Client service via the Yango Deli mobile app.

6. How is this document amended?

  1. We may inform you by any available means (push notifications on Yango Deli mobile app, by sms or email) if this Privacy Notice is amended in a way that has a significant impact on your rights.

    This would be the case, for example, if we were to add a new service provider or new purposes for which data are processed. You will receive a notification prior to any such amendments taking effect.