Rules of participation in Yandex Advertising Network

Any resource with Russian-speaking audience may join Yandex Advertising Network (“YAN”) subject to compliance with this document (“Rules”) and, as applicable, “Yandex Advertising Network Terms of Service”, available on (“YAN TS”).

1. Joining YAN:

The following resources are not allowed to join YAN:

a) failing to comply with the requirements of applicable law;

b) promoting discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religious beliefs, social status or income;

c) containing offensive and/or pornographic materials;

d) being online casinos, domain parkings, file share resources, resources offering payments for viewing and/or clicking through ads/banners and other types of advertising, payment for viewing resources, letters, etc., and similar methods of earning in the Internet;

e) placing content misleading users;

f) downloading viruses, trojans or other malware on user equipment and mobile devices;

g) failing to comply with the Yandex Search Engine License (

2. Requirements Applicable to YAN Partners’ Resources

2.1. Any mala fide (artificial or intentionally and automatically generated) clicks, views, displays are strictly prohibited on partner resources and would not be accounted in calculation of partner’s remuneration. In addition YAN partner undertakes not to:

2.1.1. place above Yandex ads phrases and images artificially drawing attention to advertising blocks, such as “Pay attention”, “Our sponsors”, “Click the ad”, “Support us”, “Menu”, etc.;

2.1.2. generate queries, display ads or clicks on ads in any search results and/or on contextual pages and ads, directly or indirectly, personally or through third parties, manually and/or by using any software, including by using any automatic means to reproduce displays and clicks (multi clicks, agents, etc.), without limitation to the foregoing;

2.1.3. change hyperlinks contained in ads, or otherwise influence users’ interaction with ads, not to replace or hamper in any other manner the user access to pages (resources), to which the user is hyperlinked when calling (clicking) such ads;

2.1.4. delete, edit, minimize, filter, change display order, appearance or other viewing options of ads in established advertising spaces.

3. Terms of Placement of Yandex.Direct and RTB advertising blocks

3.1. Placement of Yandex.Direct and RTB advertising block is subject to the following requirements:

3.1.1. Design of the advertising blocks provided by other advertising networks shall be different from the design of the advertising blocks provided by Yandex;

3.1.2. It is prohibited to change the page view mode to prioritize placement of ads;

3.1.3. The partner is not allowed to hide any additional links, images, favicons, geographic indications, any type of disclaimers (age category, medical disclaimers) and other elements of advertising blocks (unless otherwise allowed by respective instruments available in the YAN partner interface);

3.1.4. Advertising code of any other advertising network shall not interfere with due functioning of the YAN advertising code, nor it shall affect in any manner placement and display of advertisement provided by Yandex;

3.1.5. Advertising code of RTB blocks could be placed using partner’s own banner systems. In case the RTB code is placed in the frame or iframe of the partner’s resource, the RTB advertising block shall be viewable at the user’s device or in browser without any scrolling in 1280x800 resolution.

3.1.6. The advertising code for contextual pages could not be placed on the search results pages. In the latter case the partner shall use special advertising code for search advertising blocks;

3.1.7. It is not allowed to place the advertising code of RTB blocks within the code of other banner systems (DFP, AdRiver, but without limitation of the foregoing);

3.1.8. All recursive calls of the RTB advertising code are not allowed;

3.1.9. In case the advertising block is placed on particular screen it is not allowed to reload such block more than once each 30 seconds.

3.2. Placement of search advertising blocks is subject to the following requirements:

3.2.1. Yandex.Direct advertising blocks could be placed either next to the list of search results on search results pages or right below the search results;

3.2.2. If an advertising block of Yandex.Direct is placed right below the search results, the advertising block may contain four ads maximum;

3.2.3. Premium placement block with a Yandex.Advertising text link specifying that the ad is provided by Yandex may be placed on the search result pages above the list of search results;

3.2.4. If a Yandex.Direct advertising block is not available, it is prohibited to place stand alone premium placement advertising block;

3.2.5. It is prohibited to use search ads on contextual pages – the code of calling advertising blocks for search results must be installed only in search results pages (if any);

3.2.6. It is prohibited to place the search advertisement code with transmitting pre-set search queries;

3.2.7. If search results are provided with the use of Yandex.XML Service ( or with the use of Yandex.Sitesearch Service, the partner is required to comply with the restrictions set in the Yandex.XML Service License ( and the Terms of Use of Yandex.Sitesearch Service (, respectively;

3.2.8. Only one special placement block and one Yandex.Direct advertising block of other format may be placed on the search page, unless otherwise agreed with Yandex.

3.3. Placement of the overlay blocks is subject to the following requirements:

3.3.1. It is not allowed to place overlay blocks on the desktop versions of the partner’s resources in case the cover the content of the web page;

3.3.2. Overlay blocks shall comply with the following technical requirements: Overlay blocks could be placed only on devices with the screen resolution of 320 px up to 420 px; Each overlay block shall be accompanied with special button “Close Ad”. Altitude of the overlay block on mobile versions of the partner’s resources could not exceed 120 px including “Close Ad” button; Overlay block shall be attached to the lower side of the screen; “Close Ad” button must be easily acceptable and viewable as compared to the web page content; Placement of overlay blocks is allowed on the mobile versions of the partner’s resources only in 320×100 and 320×50 format.

3.3.4. Placement of any format of ads in Pop-up or Pop-under separate windows is strictly prohibited.

3.3.5. Advertising blocks moving upon user scrolling the content of the web page is allowed only if such advertising blocks do not overlap with the web page content.

3.3.6. In any case the advertising shall not be prevailing over the other content of the partner’s resource.

4. Terms of Placement of Video Ads

Placement of video ads is allowed on the resources complying with the following requirements:

4.1. Traffic:

4.1.1. daily audience of at least 10 000 users from Russia;

4.1.2. all websites where the partner’s player is embedded are subject to the mandatory moderation;

4.2. Content:

4.2.1. all resources must comply with the requirements of applicable law and do not violate rights of the third parties;

4.2.2. partner’s resources do not contain advertisement of casinos, blinking banners and other elements violating advertising laws or commonly accepted standards of advertising quality;

4.2.3. the number of advertising blocks shall not exceed 4 for the long videos (more than 10 minutes) or 2 for the short videos (less than 10 minutes);

4.2.4. there could be only one in-page block at each page;

4.3. Technical parameters:

4.3.1. obligatory transfer of the real referrers in the frame of the request;

4.3.2. player shall exceed 600px of width for desktops and 400 px for mobile devices;

4.3.3. primary traffic shall be directed to html5-player where flash-players’ traffic shall not exceed 20%;

4.4. Traffic quality:

4.4.1. Maximum 30% of undefined social-demographic characteristics according to Crypta;

4.4.2. Periodic (at least once a month) traffic quality audit by Yandex and absence of bots;

4.4.3. Frequency of no more than 20 request per unique user per day;

4.4.4. Actual visibility for in-stream of at least 60% (at least 50% of the player is in the zone visible for the user within at least 2 seconds), static visibility of at least 60% (correlation between accounted views and the number of successful displays of the ads), in-page visibility of at least 30% (correlation between accounted views and the number of successful displays of the ads)

4.4.5. Full views of the video ads of at least 30%.

5. Terms of Placement of the advertising block “Turbo-pages”

5.1. In case the Partner and/or its authorized representative uses the services “Turbo-pages”, provided by Yandex according to the “Terms of use of “Turbo-pages” (, the Partner accepts and agrees the following terms of placement of the advertising block “Turbo-pages”:

5.2. Subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms of participation, the “Owner’s Resources” and the “Advertising space” (as defined in the respective YAN participation agreement (“YAN Agreement”), concluded by and between Yandex and the Partner (the “Owner” in the terms of YAN Agreement)) shall mean:

“Owner’s Resources – Internet-based information resources and/or computer programs (including programs for mobile devices) along with their content or other components connected by the Owner to Yandex Advertising Network as permitted by Yandex. In certain cases, the Owner can provide its Resources, including their constituent elements, to Internet users using Yandex software and hardware”;

“Advertising space - a place created on the Owner's Resource in web page design or computer program interface (including programs for mobile devices) for Yandex to place Advertising materials “.

5.3. The list of services, provided by the Partner to Yandex and described in the clause 2.1 of the YAN Agreement, shall also include the services, related to assurance of placement of the Advertisement Code and/or display of Advertising materials by Yandex using other technical means in Advertising spaces on the Owner's Resources (including their constituent elements), which the Owner provides to Internet users through Yandex software and hardware, including but not limited to, when:

5.3.1. Yandex provides technical means to the Owner to make the Owner's Resource (or its certain elements) available to Internet users via Yandex website, its components and services; or

5.3.2. the Owner's Resource or its certain elements are placed on a software and/or hardware platform provided by Yandex; or

5.3.3. the Owner's Resource or its certain elements are displayed through technological export of data, content, elements or other components of the Owner's Resource to relevant Yandex service or website, both by technical integration and otherwise.

5.4. In addition to obligations of the Partner, prescribed by the clause 3.6 of the YAN Agreement, the Partner also undertakes not to change any technical features of the Owner's Resources, their content, elements or other components making the format of Advertising spaces non-compliant with requirements of the Agreement and/or these Terms of participation, and making it difficult for the Owner to provide the Services. If the Owner changes the subject matter of any of the Owner's Resources, it shall notify Yandex thereof in writing the day the changes were made (including by e-mail).

5.5. The Partner also agrees that creation of the advertising block “Turbo-pages” shall be deemed as Partner’s consent with these Terms of participation, as well as with the document “Terms of use of “Turbo-pages” (

5.6. The Partner undertakes to reach Yandex to conclude the respective amendment to the YAN Agreement within three (3) business days from the date of the creation of the first advertising block “Turbo-pages”. In case the Partner fails to comply with the foregoing provisions Yandex shall be entitled to suspend the creation of the advertising blocks “Turbo-pages” by the Partner, as well as to suspend placement of the created advertising blocks “Turbo-pages”.

5.7. All the terms used above shall be treated according to their definition provided by the respective YAN Agreement.

5.8. The Partner agrees that the foregoing terms of placement of the advertising blocks “Turbo-pages” shall prevail over the provisions of the respective YAN Agreement until the respective amendment thereto comes into force.

5.9. In case the YAN Agreement between Yandex and Partner is concluded on the terms and conditions of the document “Yandex Advertising Network Terms of Offer” ( (“Offer”), the foregoing terms of placement of the advertising blocks shall apply only to the extent not addresed by the Offer.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. In case of partner breaching the terms of these Rules, Yandex reserves the right to suspend placement of ads on partner’s resources and/or to take other measures in order to protect interests of advertisers whose ads are displayed on resources of partners of Yandex Advertising Network.

6.2. Partner agrees and accepts that Yandex advertising code could contain various technical instruments providing due performance of Yandex obligations in respect of its own clients (including, but not limited to various targeting instruments, as well as instruments for recording the quantity of impressions, clicks and other parameters related to impression of advertising materials on advertising spaces). Partner hereby agrees that the content of Yandex advertising code, as well is technical instruments integrated thereto, could be determined by Yandex in its own discretion.

6.2.1. In case the partner has a business established in the territory of a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or that, for other reasons the partner or partner’s resources are subject to the territorial scope of the national implementations of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data, (General Data Protection Regulation), partner’s participation in YAN is subject to the Data Processing Agreement available on The partner understands and agrees that the provisions of such Data Processing Agreement prevail over the terms set by respective YAN participation agreement between the partner and Yandex as well as over the terms of these Rules.

6.3. The Partner accepts and agrees that for the purposes of increasing the efficiency of the interaction between Yandex and Partner, as well as to improve the functions of Yandex Advertising Network, Yandex shall be entitled, from time to time, to carry out the experiments, that could involve changes in the formats, frequency, design, ways of display and/or the terms of placement of advertising materials on the Partner’s resources. Yandex provides no guarantee that within the experiment it would place advertising materials on the Partner’s resources, or that it would place advertising materials of the particular format. Notwithstanding the foregoing, carrying out the experiments shall not affect any payment obligations of Yandex according to the respective YAN participation agreement.

6.4. Yandex reserves the right to reject any application to participate in the Advertising Network in its own discertion.

6.5. The partner understands and agrees that Yandex may reject connecting respective resource to YAN in case such resource is already participating in YAN subject to the agreement between Yandex and any third party.

6.6. Partner undertakes to comply with these Rules. Partner agrees that Yandex is entitled to unilaterally amend these Rules without any advance notice.



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