Yandex.Market Distribution Policy

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1. The Contractor shall:

1.1. Distribute Customer Products only in the format and in the manner provided for by the agreement and exclusively in the countries defined therein.

1.2. Distribute Customer Products only together with/within the approved Contractor Products.

1.3. Use only the installation package provided by the Customer without changing its settings.

1.4. Coordinate in writing any modifications of the distribution terms and conditions with the responsible manager.

2. The Contractor may not:

2.1. Replace Customer Products if they are already installed on the user’s computer or mobile device, as well as supplement such Customer Products with third-party products.

2.2. Distribute Customer Products together with/within products, which the Contractor does not have sufficient rights to use.

2.3. Change the set of the Customer Products and distribute individual components of that set.

2.4. Include any third parties products in the Customer Products, as well as substitute the Materials in the Customer Products.

2.5. Distribute the Contractor Products along with the Customer Products as part of a third-party product.

2.6. Transfer the Customer Products to third parties for distribution.

2.7. Substitute clid.

2.8. Simulate the Revenue generating users’ actions by using software tools.

2.9. Distribute the Customer Products in products/on resources that:

  • do not comply with applicable laws;
  • declare inequality of people by gender, race, nationality, religion, social status and wealth;
  • have offensive and (or) pornographic content;
  • are online casinos, domain parkings, file hosting services, resources offering payments for viewing and (or) clicks on banners or other types of advertising, pay-per-view, letters, etc., and other similar types of earnings in the Internet;
  • have content misleading users;
  • upload viruses, trojans or other malicious programs to users’ computers and mobile devices.

3. The attraction of users of Customer’s service that do not make orders on the websites of the Customer’s partners shall not be considered as proper provision of the Services if such non-conversion traffic bears systemic character.

4. Procedure for the distribution of certain Yandex.Market products.

4.1. With regard to Yandex.Market Advisor for websites and Browser extension Yandex.Market Advisor products (the "Sovetnik Products"):

4.1.1. Сlicks, downloads, installations, activations, performed by users, who were promised by the Contractor material gain for performing these actions (motivated traffic), shall be accounted for in the Fees calculation.

4.2. With regard to other Yandex.Market products not being Sovetnik Products:

4.2.1. The Contractor shall not place Customer Products except Sovetnik Products in third-party browser extension kits (toolbars) and/or search engine advertising materials or on search engine search results pages.

4.2.2. The Contractor shall not place Customer Products in the Contractor Products in such way that the content of the Contractor Products is not displayed to the user.

4.2.3. The Contractor shall inform the Customer in a manner separately agreed by e-mail if the Contractor becomes aware that the user has changed its identification data when making an order on the Customer’s service and, as a result of that, the user who had previously made an order on the Customer’s service was identified by the Customer as a user who had never made orders on Customer’s service previously.

4.2.4. If a user, attracted by the Contractor, orders goods on the Customer’s service for the purpose of further resale of such goods, attracting such user shall not be considered as proper provision of the Services.

5. For the purposes of distributing the Customer Products, tracking displays of product offers, user clicks on product offers (without limitation), cookies and/or other user activity tracking tools which allow the Customer to receive information about displays, clicks, targeted actions of users (without limitation) can be installed in the browser (or other program used by the user to access the Contractor’s Products). In this case, the Contractor shall:

5.1. Provide users of the Contractor Products to whom Customer Products are distributed with all the required information about setting cookies and/or using other user activity tracking tools, about using the data obtained by cookies and/or using other user activity tracking tools, and, if provided for by applicable laws and an agreement with the Contractor, obtain the proper and informed consent of each user of a Contractor Product to whom the Customer Products are distributed to set cookies and/or use other user activity tracking tools, as well as to use the data received by the Customer through the use thereof.

5.2. For the purposes specified in clause 5.1, place within the Contractor Products a clearly defined and easily accessible privacy policy (or other similar document) containing all the information specified in clause 5.1, as well as the information about the tools for adjustment of cookies and/or other user activity tracking tools within the user’s device (including, without limitation, the “Do not Track” options in web browsers).

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