Advertising Requirements Yandex.Market

Date of publication: 25.04.2013

Effective Date: 25.04.2013

This document defines the advertising guidelines for advertising materials (Materials) provided by Customers for the provision of "Yandex.Market" Services by Yandex.

General provisions

1. The Materials must comply with the requirements set forth in “General Terms and Conditions. Advertising Requirements”, placed at:

2. The Materials should be submitted in compliance with standards and requirements set forth in “Requirements for the method of data transmission”, available at:

3. Yandex places the Materials which contain information about goods (services) that are selling at retail to individuals without any restrictions and additional conditions set by the seller, except for the limitations specified by the applicable law.

4. Yandex shall not place the Materials which contain information about used goods, goods distributed in an incomplete arrangement, cut goods, goods un-adapted for work or use in the Russian Federation, and/or Ukraine, and/or Belarus, and/or Kazakhstan, and/or Turkey or any illegal goods or services.

5. Yandex may at its sole discretion either refuse to place the Materials of a customer who takes measures to offer the same goods (services) under names and/or appearances of different shops, if it can be assumed that it is only one store or that there is an affiliation among these stores, interchangeability or other close relationship among them, or to make a classification of the crossover range with concealment of duplicate Product offerings of such stores [1].

6. Yandex may at its sole discretion refuse to place the Materials at the Locations with a low nominal conversion value [2].

Requirements for the content of the Materials

7. It is not allowed to use in the Materials:

7.1. uppercase words excepting the abbreviations, which consist of the first capital letters of several words (“USSR”, “MBA”, etc.);

7.2. telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, icq numbers or other systems of online paging, including placement of this information on the images that are part of the Materials;

7.3. the same offerings, including offerings that differ only in spelling (replication);

7.4. any html-tags;

8. The name of the provided Materials and description of a Product offering must not contain:

8.1. Any words that are not related to the name and description of the goods (except for the definition of color, size, configuration or arrangement);

8.2. enumerations and different Product offering’s spelling variations: the words “discount”, “sale”, “cheap”, “gift” (except for gift categories), “free”, “promotion”, “special price”, “new product”, “new”, “analogue”, “order”.

9. Images, used in the Materials, must not contain any text inscriptions and graphical objects, save for copyright notices placed in total for 10% of the image (unless otherwise stated by the applicable law).

10. The Materials must contain reliable and true information and must correspond to the actual current offerings of the store, i.e.:

10.1. the actual price of the goods to the user should be displayed, including all applicable taxes and charges [3];

10.1.1. When placing the Materials, targeted to Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Republic of Belarus, the Customer undertakes to specify the actual final price of the goods (services) for the user in the appropriate national currency. The Customer also guarantees that the price of goods (services) fully complies with the conditions, on which the Customer exercises its sale in this certain state.

10.1.2. If the Materials, specified in clause 10.1.1., are provided by the Customer without price in the national currency, the price is calculated automatically by Yandex.Market on a daily basis in accordance with the exchange rate set by the relevant Central Bank or other authorized state body into the national currency of said territory. The Customer guarantees to provide, in addition to the guarantees mentioned in clause 10.1.1. above, that he really offers users the goods at the corresponding price in the respective national currency and accepts payment in local currency.

10.2. status “available”, specified by the Customer in the description of Product offering, means that

- the store is ready to deliver (send) the goods to the buyer within two business days (for the Product offerings with the possibility of delivery);

- the store is ready to distribute goods to the buyer at the orders collection point within two working days or send the goods to the collection point, which is located in another region, within two working days (for product offerings with the possibility of customer pick up).

10.3. the status “on demand”, specified by the Customer in the Product offering’s description means that the store is ready to take an order and deliver the goods within the period agreed with the buyer and not exceeding two months (except for the custom-built goods, the estimated delivery time of which is agreed with the buyer at the time of order placing).

10.4. If the Customer uses the field “Delivery by Cargo Carriers” when adjusting the placement of the Materials, this shall mean that the Customer is aware of the cost and terms of delivery specified in this section and ensures that it does offer Customers’ delivery of the relevant goods by the cargo carriers they had selected, and cost and terms of delivery specified in the cost section fully comply with the terms under which the Customer offers the delivery of the goods.

11. The Materials should be written in Russian or English, except for when a certain local language is mandatory according to applicable law, without typing errors. The provisions of this clause shall not apply to trade names and trademarks.

12. Name and description of the Product offering, provided as part of the Materials, are meant to be read by users, and not for indexing by search robot, thus they must consist of normal phrases but not be limited to the list of search words.

13. The Materials must comply with the content of the webpage, on which the Link leads. The page onto which the link leads must comply with all applicable laws for such pages and stores.

Requirements for the Customer’s website, which allows the buyer to purchase a product/work/service specified in the Product offering, directly on the website of Customer's store

14. Each Product offering placed shall correspond to a separate page on the Customer’s website.

15. The Customer’s webpage, to which the Link leads, should contain a description of the advertised product/work/service, its price and information on how to purchase this product/work/service. The order for a product/work/service must be received during working hours of the store according to the place of the Customer place of residence via phone number, specified at the website, if such phone number is displayed.

16. If the page of the website where the Link leads, during the placement of the Materials is not responding or opens incorrectly, then the placement of the Materials will be suspended until the error is resolved.

17. On the page of the Customer’s website, where the Link leads, no additional windows should open (PopUp or PopUnder) or be redirected to another page (redirect) without user's permission.

18. Information about the seller of products/works/services must be mentioned on the Customer's website; the information about delivery, if any, should be reflected in full detail. In case of customer pick up, the information about outlets should be published, including the working hours and address. Relevant information should also be submitted for placement on Yandex.Market.

Requirements for the Customer’s website, that doesn't allow the buyer to purchase a product/work/service specified in the Product offering, directly on the website of Customer's store

19. Information about sale outlets, to be submitted for placement at Yandex.Market, shall be reflected at the Customers website, including the working hours and address of the store.

20. Yandex has the right to not accept or remove all Materials and/or links to pages which are not in compliance with the requirements as laid out hereinabove or with the applicable laws.


[1] Yandex shall decide to conceal, reject or terminate the placement of duplicate Product offerings, at its sole discretion, based on information available at its disposal.

Stores (the websites to which the Link leads, included in the Product offerings, recognized as duplicated) may be considered similar, regardless of differences in range, design, pricing, structural organization and belonging of sites to different persons.

Overlapping range is recognized as Product offerings of similar stores belonging to the same product, including a description of the identical Product offerings, and with differences in individual characteristics (modifications) of the same product.

When classifying, all Product offerings of similar range, are combined in a group, one Product offering from such group will be shown to the user, all other Product offerings of the group shall be deemed duplicated and not placed on the Locations. On the Locations, where only one Product offering from a store is shown, only one Product offering is shown for similar stores.

Product offerings, which Yandex found to be duplicated, have zero relevance and are not shown. The user is allowed to view all duplicating Product offerings of the group, when clicking the relevant link.

Selection of the Product offering that will be shown to the User from the group, is determined by the User's settings, rules of relevance, priority of placement and the Location.

[2] In these cases Yandex decides to terminate the placement of the Materials based on an assessment of available information at its sole discretion. At the same time the nominal conversion means the value, which determines the usefulness of the Product offering for Yandex.Market Users.

[3] Attracting of attention to the store by means of placing Product offerings with unreliable (lowered) price, by ordering or purchasing of which it is proposed to buy a similar or the same product at higher price, is not allowed. In this case Yandex may stop placing such Materials or all the Materials of the store, taking into account the available estimation at its sole discretion.