Yandex Distribution Policy

The partner shall:

1. Distribute Yandex distribution pack only in the format and in the manner provided for by the agreement between the Parties and exclusively in the countries defined therein.

2. Distribute Yandex distribution pack only together with/within the partner’s products, approved by Yandex.

3. Use only the installation package provided by Yandex without changing its settings.

4. Cancel the installation of a product of Yandex distribution pack if the user refuses to install such product (clears the tick box).

5. Coordinate in writing any modifications of the distribution terms and conditions with the responsible manager.

The partner may not:

1. During the term of the agreement between the Parties distribute any programs, which change advertisement blocks on any web-sites in the Internet or support such distribution.

2. Replace the products of Yandex distribution pack if they are already installed on the user’s device, as well as supplement the products of Yandex distribution pack with third-party products (it is allowed to change the amount of the products of the distribution pack).

3. Distribute Yandex distribution pack together with/within the products, which the partner does not have sufficient rights to use.

4. Change the set of Yandex distribution pack and distribute individual components of that pack.

5. Distribute any desktop programs similar to products of Yandex distribution pack along with a copy of partner’s product, containing the distribution pack.

6. Distribute the partner’s products along with Yandex distribution pack as the part of a third-party product.

7. Transfer Yandex distribution pack to third parties for distribution.

8. Change the settings of the user’s browser by using the partner’s software tools, if Yandex search is already installed on the user’s device, and substitute clid.

9. Install programs or change the settings of the user’s device without notifying the user and without receiving the user’s explicit consent.

10. Simulate the installations of the products of Yandex distribution pack or search queries by using software tools.

11. Collect, save, transfer to third parties and in other ways use any search queries of users to Yandex and search results of such search queries.

12. Distribute the products of distribution pack in products/on resources that:

  • are intended for adult use only (18+);
  • may in any way harm the user’s device, steal the user’s information;
  • require sending SMS on a paid basis in fraudulent purposes;
  • are associated with gambling;
  • may in any way harm Yandex company or brand.

13. Insert the link to Yandex search results page , which contains the partner’s clid, assigned by Yandex, into the resources, products, banners and other graphic elements, which do not contain the search form or contain the search queries, created without the user’s involvement.

14. The Yandex.Market Distribution Policy available at is applicable to the distribution of products of Yandex.Market LLC and other companies of Yandex.Market Group; for the purposes of this section of Yandex Desktop Distribution Policy the companies of Yandex.Market Group are Yandex.Market B.V., a public limited liability company created according to the laws of the Netherlands, registered at Schiphol Boulevard 165, 1118 BG Schiphol, the Netherlands, registration number 66115582 (“Yandex.Market B.V.), and any legal entity that is under direct or indirect control of Yandex.Market B.V.; where "control" means ability to determine the policy or activities of the corresponding entity by virtue of possession of more than 50 % of votes (stakes, voting shares) in the authorized (share) capital of the corresponding entity, or on other grounds).

Date of publication: 23.04.2020.