Media Advertising Placement Rules on Yandex Resources

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Date of placement: 11.03.2020.

Effective date: 11.03.2020.

Acceptance of and compliance with the requirements and provisions of these Media Advertising Placement Rules on Yandex Resources (hereinafter referred to as the Placement Rules or Rules) by the Advertiser is a prerequisite for rendering Yandex.Direct Services for Media Advertising Placement by Yandex.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This document defines rules of placement of Ads the Advertiser created using the Media Advertising function under the terms of the Offer, the Ad Serving Rules (insofar as they do not conflict with this document), and the Price List (hereinafter referred to as Ads). The Price List defines specific terms of display, including banner formats and sizes.

1.2. The Advertiser shall provide for placement advertising materials containing all information as required by laws of the Russian Federation, including information stipulated by subcl. 5.1 and 5.2 of the Ad Serving Rules (

1.3. Unless these Placement Rules stipulate otherwise, the terms used herein shall have the meaning defined in the Ad Serving Rules (, the Offer (, and the Price List ( (hereinafter referred to as Price List).

1.4. Where there is no clear-cut interpretation of a term in the documents specified in cl. 1.3 of the Placement Rules, one should be guided by the interpretation of the term found: firstly – in laws of the Russian Federation, secondly – on the Yandex.Direct website, then – prevailing (common) on the Internet.

1.5. Unless this document explicitly stipulates otherwise, relations of the Parties involving the placement of advertising materials stipulated hereby can be covered by display terms described in the Ad Serving Rules (, if the said document specifies the same.

1.6. Display terms and the cost of Ad placement services stipulated by cl. 1.1 hereof are available in the Price List.

1.7. At the same time, no Ads may be displayed on the spaces specified in the description of a specific product in the Price List, when a Group of Ads is automatically assigned the Few Impressions status in the Client Web Interface.

2. Ad Display Terms

2.1. Unless the description of a specific product found in the Price List states otherwise, Ads shall be displayed under the terms set out herein.

2.2. To forecast CTR, impressions and clicks are identified and counted separately for: a) PCs and tablets; b) mobile devices. For the purposes of these Rules, mobile devices shall mean devices automatically identified as such by Yandex.Direct.

2.3. The “Estimate reach” value shown in the Client Web Interface, when the Advertiser sets ad display terms by Audience Segments, is for reference only and means an estimated number of unique users fitting in with ad display terms the user set and an estimated number of unique users under this ad display term on selected pages of websites of Yandex Advertising Network partners.

2.4. If ad display terms overlap in various ads being part of one and the same Advertising Campaign and/or referring to a page of one and the same website, rates under these ad display terms will not raise each other’s CPM. Only one such ad with the highest value composed of forecast CTR, CPM, Quality Factor, and predictive impression efficiency will be chosen for display.

2.5. Ads can be shown under audience terms the Advertiser set and as per additional audiences, including audiences automatically identified by the system as the most relevant audience.

2.6. When Ads are displayed by automatically identified additional audiences, CPM is set automatically in view of CPM the Advertiser set on its own. However, the CPM thus set cannot exceed the maximum CPM the Advertiser set on its own for keywords or audience display terms for the relevant Group of Ads.

2.7. The Advertiser can turn down Ad impressions on pages of websites of Yandex Advertising Network partners (except for Advertising spaces located on Yandex's own sites and services and Yandex affiliates, as well as Advertising spaces located on Turbo pages ( by adding the website URL to the list of prohibited platforms in advertising campaign parameters or banning impressions for a specific website and/or partner app ID on the platform statistics page ( The list and number of Advertising spaces that can be excluded by the Advertiser are determined by Yandex at its discretion.


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