Advertising Requirements

Ads served by Yandex.Direct should, first and foremost, conform to Yandex Advertising Requirements (

Your Advertisement should consist of*:

  • headline (limited to 33 characters including spaces and punctuation);

  • text (limited to 75 characters including spaces and punctuation);

  • URL link and/or contact information.

The Advertisement's headline and text should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. The keywords, to which the ad will be displayed, or catalogue categories, where the ad will be placed, should match the ad's content.

URL link in the ad should match its content and should function properly. You cannot use IP-address for domain name.

The contact information should be valid and correct, and the telephone information should not differ from the information in the ad.

The headline, the text, or the URL link cannot not contain:

  • spaces between letters in w o r d s and uppercase words, with the exception of abbreviations, which consist of the first capital letters of several words (USSR, CIS etc);

  • telephone number, e-mail, mailing address or instant messaging number;

  • HTML code

Trying to place a large number of identical ads (ads with identical texts, URLs, keywords), even if through different advertising campaigns, is considered as spam. These ads will be rejected at any stage of advertising campaign.

*Whenever the Ad Serving Rules ( allow to perform an Impression of an ad containing a graphic image (hereinafter – “image”), provided by the advertiser as a part of the ad, the Image should comply with the respective technical requirements (i.e., the size, file format, etc.) specified in the client web interface, as well as the requirements below:

1. The image should be legible and of high quality and should not contain any compression artifacts (any upsampled or interpolated images obtained from lower resolution images are not accepted).

2. The ad image should correspond to the title /text of advertising, web-page content containing an advertising offer.

3. The image should not contain:

  • contacts (i.e., phone numbers, e-mails, mailing addresses, icq numbers or any other online paging systems);

  • the very text of the advertising offer, except for slogan or other phrases of this sort;

  • any misspelled words.

4. The image should not contain any solid fill (i.e. one-color parts) occupying over 20% of the entire image and/or any empty spaces displaying no image components.

Please, note:

Yandex Europe AG reserves the right to reject any advertisement at post moderation stage of advertising campaign without stating the reason.

Date of publication: 24.10.2013 г.

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