In the context of COVID-19 outbreak and legislative restrictions on movement, for the purposes of providing support to persons obliged to follow such restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the life and health of public,

I hereby give my consent to the processing of my personal data, including name, surname, information confirming restrictions on movement (COVID-19 test positive, an order to comply with quarantine), by Yandex.Taxi B.V., Uber ML B.V., Yandex.Taxi AM LLC , Yandex.Go SRL, MLU Africa B.V., Yandex.Go Israel Ltd., Yandex.Taxi LLC (“Companies”), depending on which company has an agreement with me or with a taxi service / dispatch service / carrier / courier service / delivery service (“Partners of Companies”), that provides me an access to the software of these Companies for accepting orders of the users of such Companies.

Personal data processes to confirm my right to receive payments from the Companies directly to me or through the respective Partners of the Companies, according to the Companies’ statement.

Customers support specialists of these Companies who are contractors of the Companies or employees of contractors of the Companies or affiliates of the Companies may have access to the personal data.

Personal data is processed until the purposes of processing are achieved.

The information on my address, ID details etc. provided by me earlier (in applicable) shell be used as details of this consent if it is necessary by the applicable law.