Technical Support Regulation

This document defines general terms of Technical Support Services (“TSS”) and is an integral part of Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement (“Agreement”). Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in Agreement and Linked Documents.

1. Support request

1.1. Yandex provides Customer with TSS in accordance with this Technical Support Regulation (“TSR”) and Technical Support Documentation set forth at:

1.2. Customer may request technical support using any of the following methods: (a) through a feedback form in Management Console; (b) by email; (с) via the chat.

1.3. When making a request, Customer shall accurately and clearly describe a problem or incident. Customer may provide screenshots and graphic explanations.

1.4. After receiving of request, Yandex will provide Customer with a confirmation letter featuring the request number and date.

1.5. Yandex's support team will process the Customer's request within the time specified in Technical support Plan available to Customer.

1.6. List and detailed description of Technical support Plans provided by Yandex are available on Site.

2. Technical Support

2.1. Types of requests for technical support specified in Technical Support Documentation.

2.2. Yandex reserves the right not to process the Customer’s request, if the relevant request is meaningless, contains no question or appeal to solve a problem or resolve an incident.

2.3. Yandex technical support team do not resolve the following categories of issues:
  • source code development;
  • debugging of Yandex.Cloud Customers' proprietary software.

2.4. TSS will be provided by Yandex in the English language.

3. Definitions

“Technical support Plan” means a set of services and service parameters chosen by Customer and provided by Yandex technical support team.


Yandex Services AG

Web address:

Date of placement: April 22, 2019

Effective date: April 22, 2019