Terms of Use of Yandex Managed Service (for SQL Server™)

This document contains specific Terms of Use of Yandex Managed Service (for SQL Server™) (“the Service”) and is an integral part of Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement (“Agreement”) and Service Terms set forth at https://yandex.com/legal/cloud_service_terms. Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in Agreement and Linked Documents.

1. Functional Features of the Service

1.1. Yandex provides Customer with the Service that allows Customer to remotely create, operate, manage, and scale databases on cloud resources of Platform using DBMS SQL Server™.

1.2. Functional Features of the Service:

1.2.1. creating a database with required performance parameters;

1.2.2. scaling dedicated virtual computing resources and virtual disk space for databases;

1.2.3. monitoring resources used;

1.2.4. making back-up copies of the databases automatically;

1.2.5. timely DBMS software update;

1.2.6. other functional features of the Service, which Yandex makes available to Customer. Functional features of the Service are described in Documentation on Site.

1.3. Service Level is determined for the Service in accordance with SLA.

2. Pricing

2.1. The use of the Service is chargeable.

2.2. Service Fee for the Service is determined as per Service Rate and billing units specified on Site. Yandex may change Service Rates as prescribed by Agreement.

2.3. Service Fee for the Service depends on the storage volume (disk space), parameters of DB Clusters, as well as the operating system version and license SQL Server™ and the number of DB Hosts in DB Clusters.

2.4. The cost for software licenses is charged on an advance basis, before the actual consumption of the Service resources.

2.5. As part of the Service the volume of Outgoing Traffic, the cost of back-up copies, and other additional benefits used by Customer and related to the use of the Service are additionally charged.

2.6. Yandex may from time to time provide Customer with additional functional features of the Service for an additional fee.

3. Definitions

“DB Cluster” means one or more DB Hosts that can have replication configured between them.

“DB Host” means a Virtual Machine specifically created for DBMS deployment.

“DBMS SQL Server™” means a database management system SQL Server™.


Yandex Services AG

Web address: https://yandex.com/legal/cloud_terms_sqls

Date of placement: December 15, 2020

Effective date: December 18, 2020