Terms of Use of Yandex Data Proc

This document constitutes specific terms of use of Yandex Data Proc (“Service”) and is an integral part of Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement («Agreement») and Service Terms set forth at https://yandex.com/legal/cloud_service_terms. Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in Agreement and Linked Documents.

1. Functional Features of the Service

1.1. The Service enables the Customer to remotely create, operate, manage and scale Data Proc Clusters on the cloud-based resources of the Platform using Apache® software.

1.2. Functional Features of the Service:

1.2.1. creation of the Data Proc Clusters with required performance parameters;

1.2.2. scaling the allocated virtual computational power and virtual disk space for the Data Proc Clusters;

1.2.3. the Data Proc Hosts condition monitoring;

1.2.4. backup using Disks;

1.2.5. other functional features of the Service, which Yandex at its sole discretion makes available to Customer. The full list of functional features is available to Customer on Site and / or in Management Console.

1.3. Service Level is determined for the Service in accordance with SLA.

2. Pricing

2.1. The use of the Service is chargeable.

2.2. Service Fee for the Service is determined according to the rates and billing units specified on Site. Yandex may change the rates as provided by the Contract.

2.3. Service Fee depends on the number of cores, CPU performance, RAM, the number, memory and capability of GPUs, for Data Proc Hosts and the time Data Proc Hosts are in use. Service Fee shall be calculated based on the time of usage starting from the execution of the create command through the time on which a Data Proc Host is fully stopped.

2.4. The Service also charges for Outgoing Traffic, the Disks used depending on their type and size and for other additional services consumed by the Customer in connection with the Platform use.

2.5. Yandex may from time to time provide the Customer with additional functional features of the Service for an additional fee.

3. Restrictions

3.1. The list of additional limitations of the Service specified on Site in “Quotas and Limits” section.

3.2. The Service is only available to Customers who use the Yandex Compute Cloud service.


Data Proc Cluster means two or more combined Data Proc Hosts created using the Service.

Apache® Software means Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark™ software products.

Data Proc Host means a Virtual Machine created by the Customer within the framework of the Yandex Compute Cloud service to deploy and manage Apache® software using the Platform infrastructure.


Yandex Services AG

Web address: https://yandex.com/legal/cloud_terms_dataproc

Date of placement: October 01, 2019

Effective date: October 01, 2019