Service Level of Yandex Database Service

This document defines the Service Level for Yandex Database Service (“Service”) and is an integral part of Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement (“Agreement”) and SLA available at: Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in Agreement and Linked Documents.

Service Level 99.99%

Compensation Amount:

Service Availability
Uptime Percentage in the Reporting Period Compensation, % of the cost of the Service used
< 99.99%-99.00% 10.0%
< 99.00%-90.00% 15.0%
less than 90.00 % 30.0%

Definition of Unavailability for the Service in the ”Dedicated” mode:

Unavailability of the Database consisting of two or more Computing Resources located in different availability zones for reading or writing via the YDB SDK (

Definition of Unavailability for the Service in the “Serverless” mode:

The Service Unavailability is recorded when the back-end Error Rate during the Observation Period exceeds 5 %.

Observation Period means an interval of at least five minutes.

The Error Rate is measured using the following formula: the number of requests that returned a 500 or 503 error code divided by the total number of requests made during the Observation Period.

Service Unavailability Period means the number of full minutes during which Service Unavailability was spotted.

The Service Level Agreement does not apply to unavailability arising from circumstances beyond the control of Yandex, such as failures in external networks or the Customer's failure to comply with the Instructions.


Yandex Services AG

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Date of placement: September 22, 2020.

Effective date: September 22, 2020.