Service Level for Yandex Cloud Functions

This document defines the Service Level for Yandex Cloud Functions and is an integral part of the Yandex.Cloud Platform Services User Agreement and the Service Level Agreement available online at:

Service Level 99.90%

Compensation Amount:

Service Availability

Uptime Percentage in the Reporting Period Compensation, % of the cost of Service used
< 99.90%-99.00% 10.0%
< 99.00%-95.00% 15.0%
less than 95.00% 30.0%

Definition of Service Unavailability:

  • 503 and 500 response codes for more than 10% of requests within a monitoring period (no less than 5 minutes);
  • Network unavailability of (due to a removed network announcement or other problems of the side of Yandex)


Yandex Services AG

Web address:

Date of placement: October 01, 2019

Effective date: October 01, 2019