Service Level for Yandex Compute Cloud

This is an old version of the document, which expired on April 24, 2021. The current version is available at:

Service Level 99.95%

Compensation Amount:

Availability of a single Virtual Machine:

Service Uptime Percentage in Accrual Period Compensation, % of Service Fee for Service in Accrual Period
< 99.95%-99.00% 10.0%
< 99.00%-95.00% 15.0%
less than 95.00% 30.0%

Definition of Service Unavailability:

Loss of external connectiveness or a boot disk of a Virtual Machine. SLA does not apply to cases of loss of external connectiveness due to circumstances beyond Yandex’ control, including cases of DoS or DDoS attacks on Customer’s Virtual Machine.


Date of placement: April 23, 2019

Effective date: April 23, 2019