Terms of Use of Alice Voice Assistant

1. General Provisions

1.1. YANDEX LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Yandex") offers an Internet user (hereinafter referred to as the "User") to use the functionality of Alice Voice Assistant (hereinafter referred to as the "Voice Assistant" or the "Service") integrated with other programs, products and/or services of Yandex (hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Yandex Services").

Access to some of the functional features described in these Terms may be limited depending on the User's region.

For the Users using the Service in Israel, a translation of these Terms is available at: https://yandex.com/legal/alice_termsofuse/?lang=he.

1.2. By using the Service, the User acknowledges and agrees that the following documents, the terms whereof fully apply to the use of the Service, form an integral part of these Terms:

The use of main functionality of a Yandex Service featuring the voice assistant and a Yandex Service, the start of which is initiated by the User's request made through the voice assistant, is also regulated by the Terms of Use of a relevant Yandex Service published online at https://yandex.ru/legal.

1.3. By starting to use the Service/its certain functions, the User is deemed to have accepted these Terms and terms of all of the above documents, in full, without any reservations and exceptions. If the User disagrees with any of the provisions of the said documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.4. Yandex may amend these Terms without any special notice; revised Terms shall come into effect once posted online at the URL specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise stipulated in revised Terms. The current Terms are always available at: https://yandex.ru/legal/alice_termsofuse.

1.5. If Yandex has made any amendments to these Terms as prescribed by cl. 1.4 hereof, the User, in case of any disagreement with them, shall stop using the Service.

2. Use of the Service. Certain Functions of the Service

2.1. The Service enables the User to use the voice assistant's functionality within other Yandex Services supporting it. The User can find more information about the voice assistant's functioning mechanism, methods of its activation and use guidelines at: https://yandex.ru/support/browser/alice/voice.html.

The Service is not functional, unless there is Internet access. The User shall independently obtain and pay for such access under terms and as per tariffs of its telecom or Internet provider.

2.2. The Service enables the User to make voice search queries, obtain brief information (fast reply) in reply to certain queries and information from Yandex Services. The replies by the voice assistant are made automatically through the indexing of publicly available information by Yandex Search Engine, the terms of use whereof are available online at https://yandex.com/legal/termsofuse.

2.3. When using the Service, the User can activate the voice assistant dialogue mode by sounding or entering the query phrase "Давай поболтаем". The voice assistant's replies in the dialogue mode and replies, which are not connected with the search query, are formed automatically using the function of learning algorithm based on the phrases of Users and open data. Yandex is not liable for the accuracy, relevance and correctness of information obtained through the User's use of this function.

Yandex is not liable for the accuracy, relevance, correctness of information received by the User through the use of this function. Under no circumstances can the Voice assistant's responses be regarded as guidance or advice when making decisions or performing any actions.

2.4. The Service enables the User to activate the voice assistant's special skills for initiating third party software products (bots, chats) and/or interacting with third party organizations (hereinafter referred to as the "Partners"). A full list of skills is available online at: https://dialogs.yandex.ru/store.

The User interacts with the Partners and/or their software products independently (without the participation by Yandex). Yandex is not a participant of legal relations between the User and a Partner and is not liable for:

  • financial and any other transactions made by the User and the Partners and for any consequences of purchasing the Partners' goods/works/services by the User;
  • designation and description of any skill. Yandex neither confirms nor denies the legality, correctness and reliability of description of any skill;
  • contents, actuality and legality of information provided by the Partners including information about goods/works/services offered by them, their actual availability, prices etc.;
  • processing of the User's personal data by the Partners, as provided by them when refering to the Partner's software products and/or goods/works/services.

If there are reasonable assumptions of potential violation of laws, rights and interests of third parties by the information published by the Partners and/or of illegal nature of the Partners' activities, the User may send a complaint by using the functionality of Yandex Service or through the feedback form https://yandex.ru/support/alice/feedback.html. When detecting a violation of these Terms, provisions of the documents specified in cl. 1.2 hereof and the special requirements for the Partners, following the consideration of a complaint, Yandex may take measures aimed to the elimination of the violation and/or enforcement measures against the violator including a potential limitation of access to the Service.

For the purpose of quality control, and within the framework of compliance with the legislation, Yandex keeps records of interaction between Users and Partners. Yandex processes the said information on the terms specified in the Privacy Policy published at https://yandex.com/legal/confidential.

2.4.1. A special skill of the Partner may provide for functional feature available to the User after the User's authorization to grant the rights to use the functionality of the skill on behalf of the User account created on the Partner's content service. In order to do this, the User shall be authorized in the skill interface using the account created on the Partner's content service or other authorization tools established by the Partner.

Authorization does not require repeating, provided that it is performed by the User authorized in the Yandex Service using the Yandex services account. In this case, for the corresponding User account in Yandex Services a link to the User account on the Partner’s content services is created via OAuth 2.0 protocol. The User can independently cancel the link of the accounts by exiting the skill using the appropriate function available in the Service interface.

Yandex does not receive or store data about the authorization data of the User’s account on the Partner’s content service. The terms for the acquisition by the User of an account at the content services of the Partner, its use, recovery, deletion, protection of its confidentiality are determined by the Partner.

The User has been notified and agrees that Yandex keeps records of the history of interaction between Users and Partners on the terms specified in the Privacy Policy published at https://yandex.com/legal/confidential.

2.5. The User may be given the opportunity to perform queries (commands) to manipulate and do things with a device he or she uses, which software includes voice assistant functions or which can be controlled with commands given to the voice assistant with devices and applications supporting the voice assistant function (enable/disable the device, restart, open programs, etc.).

One can connect and manage settings of devices connected to the Service by activating special skills of the voice assistant created and handled under the terms posted at: https://yandex.ru/legal/dialogues_termsofuse. To connect and start using a device with voice assistant commands, the device manufacturer may require additional sign-up and/or sign-in to the manufacturer’s resources.

When using the Service, the User can adjust voice command settings and values, inter alia, determine the name of the device, its location, etc.

Yandex does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, and correctness of command execution and is not liable for conditions of the User's property, devices, and any technical problems that may occur during the execution of commands set by the User.

Yandex is not a party to relations associated with the production, acquisition, use, and maintenance of third-party devices managed with functions of the Service. Yandex does not guarantee the safety and performance of third-party devices as well as their compatibility with the Service. To ensure that the User and his or her property are safe, we would advise to check whether the set commands are executed and the devices operate properly after the respective voice command is activated in the Service.

When a device is connected and used via the Service function, Yandex may collect the following information: IDs, types, name, models, versions of devices connected to the Service, current user settings (device name and location set by the User), device status and usage statistics in the Service. Findings are only processed under the Privacy Policy (https://yandex.com/legal/confidential) to support the Service function.

2.6. Using the Service, the User has the opportunity to use the Yandex.Taxi Service by posting information about the User's potential demand for passenger and baggage transportation services using the Yandex.Taxi Service (https://taxi.yandex.ru) on the terms set forth in the document at https://yandex.ru/legal/taxi_termsofuse. The Information service is provided by Yandex.Taxi LLC (PSRN: 5157746192731, 82 Sadovnicheskaya st., building 2, room 916, Moscow, 115035). By starting to use the Yandex.Taxi Service / its certain functions, the User is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions set forth in the document at https://yandex.ru/legal/taxi_termsofuse.

The User can use this function by saying an activation phrase in a dialogue with the voice assistant, as well as by informing the details of the trip to search through the Yandex.Taxi Service of the partner of the Yandex.Taxi Service (the "Taxi Provider"). The list of Taxi Providers is available at http://taxi.yandex.ru/partners.

Prior to confirming the order, the User shall familiarize himself with the terms of the Yandex.Taxi Service https://yandex.ru/legal/taxi_termsofuse, the link to which is also provided in the Service.

The functional features of the Yandex.Taxi Service, when accessed through a voice assistant, may be provided on limited terms (there may be limitations on available tariffs, payment methods, etc.). The User can be notified of the effective limitations by the Service, or can clarify the order conditions contacting the support service of the Yandex.Taxi Service.

The User can get more detailed information about the trip using the appropriate Service command, or by contacting the Yandex.Taxi support service, and by contacting the Taxi Provider using the contact details provided for the purposes of a trip organization and performance.

By using this function, the User gives his consent to the processing of the data provided by him, the data specified earlier in the Yandex Services account (phone number, User ID, User name specified in the account) by Yandex.Taxi LLC, and to the transfer of such personal data by Yandex. Taxi to Taxi Providers and the processing of such personal data by Taxi Providers for the purpose of providing the User or a person specified by the User with the Yandex.Taxi Service.

All the questions related to organization and performance of a trip, including messages on trip cancellation, complaints about the Yandex.Taxi Service and/or Taxi Providers, can be addressed to the Yandex.Taxi support service (this option is available through the Service functionality).

Yandex and Yandex.Taxi LLC shall not be held liable for the content and/or relevance of information provided by the Taxi Providers, including information on the cost and current availability of the Taxi Providers services. The User's interaction with the Taxi Providers regarding the purchase of services shall be performed by the User independently (without involvement of Yandex and Yandex.Taxi LLC) in accordance with the rules for the provision of services applied by the Taxi Providers. Yandex and Yandex.Taxi LLC shall not be liable for financial and any other transactions performed by the User and the Taxi Providers, and for any consequences of the User's purchase of the Taxi Providers services.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. The Service contains images (including those generated using special Service features), audio and video materials (hereinafter referred to as the "Content"), which are objects of intellectual property. Yandex owns the rights to all objects, which make up the Service design as a whole and some of its elements, as well as to the Service software and neural network image creating algorithm. The rights to the Content included with the Service (textual, visual, audio/video content etc.) are owned by its lawful holders. The User is liable for a violation of exclusive rights of Yandex, and/or the Content copyright holders, or third parties in accordance with applicable legislation.

The use of intellectual property objects included in the Service is allowed only for the User's personal non-commercial needs. Yandex does not guarantee access to certain objects of intellectual property during any certain period of time, as well as availability of such objects in the territory of the User.

3.2. By starting to use the Service, the User guarantees that he/she does not and will not perform any acts aimed at bypassing the security features designed for the protection against the unauthorized use of the Content. Any copying, reproduction, processing, dissemination, publication, bypassing the security features or other use of the Content beyond the functionality provided by the Service, as well as its any commercial use is prohibited without prior consent of Yandex.

3.3. Yandex is not liable for any violations of exclusive rights of third parties committed by the Service Partners by using their software products, which are made available to the Service Users in accordance with cl. 2.4 hereof. When detecting any violations committed, the User may inform thereof by using the functionality of Yandex Service or through the feedback form https://tech.yandex.ru/dialogs/alice/doc/feedback-docpage.

4. Limitations

4.1. The Service is provided "as is". Yandex does not guarantee the faultless and continuous operation of the Service and any of its functions, as well as its consistency with the User's purposes and expectations.

The Service is provided solely for use by the User at home by a limited number of people for entertainment purposes, and is not intended to cause any harm/damage to either the User or third parties.

4.2. A minor may use the Service with the knowledge and consent of his/her lawful representative and under their control after the lawful representative has read these Terms and fully accepted them on their behalf. Yandex does not guarantee that the Service is free from any information, which does not suit the age category of a minor.

4.3. By using the Service, the User agrees to the processing of his/her personal data, including their cross-border transfer to the territory of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the Privacy Policy (https://yandex.com/legal/confidential).

The User is hereby notified and agrees that following information is transferred to Yandex in automatic mode during use of the Service: type of operating system of the User's device, statistics on the use of functions of the Service,(information about activated skills, commands addressed), voice recordings, search queries made by the User and other technical information.

Voice recordings include the Users' phrases addressed to the voice assistant after its activation. These recordings are transmitted to the servers of YANDEX LLC (Russia, Moscow, Lev Tolstoy str., 16) in order to recognize a command and exercise the relevant voice assistant's function thereafter.

Received recordings may be transmitted to Yandex employees and to parties under contract for the purpose of analyzing, developing and improving the Service and its particular functions. The User can choose the settings for using his voice data in the personal profile of the account.

4.4. The Service and the Content it includes are for personal noncommercial use only within the bounds of the technical capabilities provided by the Service. Any copying, reproduction, processing, dissemination, publication or other use of the Service / its parts and components, the Content of the Service, imitation of the voice assistant functionality, using the voice assistant to advertise and promote any third party goods or services without consent of Yandex, and any other commercial use thereof is prohibited.

4.5. The relationship between the User and Yandex regarding the provision of the Service by Yandex shall be governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. In case of any questions, statements or claims, the User shall be entitled to report them through the functional features of the Yandex Service, or by sending a request through the feedback form https://yandex.ru/support/alice/feedback.html. If Yandex and the User fail to reach agreement, the issue may be resolved in court at the Yandex location.

Effective Date: 24.12.2020

Previous version of the document: https://yandex.com/legal/alice_termsofuse/26122019

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