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English Editor
Yandex is looking for an English Editor to work on texts for a wide variety of apps and services, including interfaces, help pages, and marketing docs. Apply if you are a native English speaker with excellent Russian, are experienced using CAT tools, and have a strong attention to detail.
Site Reliability Engineer (Yandex Database)
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to develop and automate the infrastructure needed to advance and scale Yandex Database. Apply if you have experience developing and implementing high-load distributed systems.
Software Developer (Yandex Database)
Yandex Database is looking for a Software Developer to help design and develop core components. Apply if you know C++, Java, Python, Go, or C#; are prepared to write in C++ and/or Java; and know classic algorithms and data structures.
IAM Software Developer, Yandex.Cloud
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a Software Developer to handle algorithmic and optimization work, develop enterprise backends, and implement OAuth, OIDC, SCIM, and other standards. Apply if you know Java, have built/supported fault-tolerant systems, and worked with relational/non-relational storages.
Software Developer, Cryptography Services
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a Software Developer to develop backend security services, develop libraries and security utilities, and design new security plans. Apply if you know Java, have worked with high-load and fault-tolerant backend systems, and are familiar with modern data storage systems.
New Country Launch Manager
Yandex.Cloud is looking for a New Country Launch Manager to be the driving force behind our international expansion. Apply if you have 5+ years of working experience, experience in a startup-like environment, and English fluency.
SRE for Yandex Private Cloud
Yandex Private Cloud is seeking an SRE to help deploy outside the Yandex private infrastructure to host our international products and solutions. Apply if you can handle scales of dozens of thousands of hosts and provide safe and reliable automation for critical and routine operations.
Infrastructure Developer for Yandex Private Cloud
Yandex Private Cloud is seeking an Infrastructure Developer with Golang or Python production experience to improve infrastructure services and help manage large scales. Apply if you have experience developing in Golang or Python and have a keen interest in infrastructure development.
Product Marketing Manager is looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join our fast-growing global marketing team, working closely with fellow team members in seven countries around the world. Apply if you are self-directed, driven to get stuff done, and energized by working with a fast-paced global team.
Global Event Manager is looking for a data-driven B2B Global Event Manager to join the global marketing team and lead B2B event strategy and execution. Apply if you have 3+ years of experience in B2B marketing across many aspects of event management.
Account Manager (International Department)
Yandex.Direct’s International Department is looking for an Account Manager to support relationships with advertising agencies and direct clients in the CIS and Baltics. Apply if you have experience in client relationship management, professional experience in the adtech industry, and Russian and English fluency.
Legal Counsel, International AdTech
Yandex is looking for a Legal Counsel with three or more years of PQE to support our AdTech products, B2B/B2C online services, and marketing projects. Apply if you have excellent command of English, a law degree from a top-tier Russian university, and more than three years of relevant PQE.
Site Content Manager
Toloka is looking for a Site Content Manager to serve as the go-between for the marketing, design, and development teams, working with the structure and content of Apply if you write cleanly and engagingly in English, understand the needs and motivations of technical and business audiences, and have project management skills.
Marketing Specialist for SEO and Website Analytics
Toloka is looking for a Marketing Specialist to help with English-speaking SEO for Google in order to attract our target audience. Apply if you have 3+ years of experience optimizing and promoting for English-speaking Google, English proficiency, and at least one project over the past year with clear results and strong positions.
Customer Success Manager
Yandex Drivematics is looking for a Customer Success Manager to develop customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. Apply if you have experience in customer service, sales or a related role, and speak English and Czech or German.
Key Account Manager
Yandex Drivematics is looking for a Key Account Manager to take SQLs and close deals with them, maximizing revenue in the process. Apply if you understand the mobility industry, see customer objections as a chance to upsell, and are charismatic and resourceful.
Lead Generation Representative
Drivematics is looking for a Lead Generation Representative to find leads, contacts, decision-makers, and relevant companies while supporting the sales team. Apply if you are an experienced online researcher, see all sources as means to success, and have the talent to build an information picture.
Sales Development Representative
Drivematics is looking for a Sales Development Representative to call, educate, and develop prospects, as well as maintain accurate activity and lead qualification in the CRM. Apply if you have relevant experience, speak fluent English and German or Czech, and self-motivated.
Head of Product Analytics
Toloka is looking for an experienced Head of Product Analytics to help design and roll out business processes, taking our AI products into new markets. Apply if you have worked in an analytical role for the past two years, thoroughly understand Python and SQL, and can identify and evaluate problems.
Senior Backend Developer at Yandex.Drivematics
Yandex.Drivematics is looking for a Senior Backend Developer to build product features, write algorithms to extract signals from telematics data flows, and design an API. Apply if you know and understand C++, STL, SQL, classic algorithms, and data structures.
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