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Customer Success Manager
Toloka is looking for a Customer Success Manager to onboard clients, build relationships, and maximize the value received from Toloka. Apply if you are a strong communicator, can work independently in a fast-paced and always-changing environment, and enjoy building relationships with customers.
iOS developer for Ad Products
AppMetrica is looking for an iOS Programmer to make ads attractive and useful, build a user-friendly API, and develop complex algorithms. Apply if you have 2+ years of experience in commercial programming, are a confident user of Swift or Objective-C, and have strong multithread programming skills.
Android Developer for Advertising Products
Yandex Ads is looking for an Android Developer to use modern formats in advertising, create a user-friendly API, a develop and mobile mediation platform. Apply if you have 2+ years of product experience.
Senior Java/Kotlin Developer, Toloka
Toloka is looking for a Java developer to design and develop new functionality, improve internal processes, and work with cross-functional teams to find optimal business solutions. Apply if you have developed services in Java or Kotlin, are intolerant of low-quality code, and are fluent in English.
Site Reliability Engineer, Yandex.Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes
Yandex.Cloud Managed Service for Kubernetes is looking for Site Reliability Engineers to research and fix problems with managed and own infrastructure, also helping with problem analysis and mitigation. Apply if you have software development experience, have operated mid-sized and large distributed systems, and have experience in Linux network and container technology.
Business Development Manager - Weather B2B
Yandex.Weather is looking for a Business Development Manager to develop a business strategy and solutions, generate leads, build relationships with customers, and create a sales team. Apply if you have 5+ years of relevant experience, live in Central Europe, and speak fluent English.
Tue Oct 05 2021 17:24:18 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)