Software Developer (YDB)

While Yandex Database is a platform used to build specialized data storage and security systems, it’s also a distributed, scalable, and fault-tolerant NewSQL database. We process millions of queries every second and store petabytes of data for Yandex services. In particular, Yandex.Cloud’s Yandex Object Storage and Yandex Block Storage are built on Yandex Database and use it to store data.

You can learn more about Yandex Database by checking out these lectures from about:cloud:

Given our constantly growing load and the rising number of user queries, we’re always working to expand our functionality. We’re looking for some unique professionals to help develop this complex and cutting-edge product.


  • Help design and develop core components for Yandex Database
  • Interact with Yandex teams to meet their needs with Yandex Database
  • Work and communicate with a team of talented and passionate colleagues
  • Develop unique solutions impacting the future of distributed data storage systems


  • Practical knowledge of C++, Java, Python, Go, or C#
  • Able to write in C++ and/or Java
  • Thorough knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures, capable of applying them in your work
  • Deep understanding of multithreading and its main approaches, problems, and limitations
  • Experience developing high-load, distributed, hardware-adjacent services as well as real-time services


  • Strong team to grow with
  • Complex assignments for services with millions of users
  • Opportunity to impact the process and result
  • Competitive salary
  • Review-based bonuses every six months
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Relocation for EU countries
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