Yandex Academic Supervision Program

MoscowPython, C++Specialist
Yandex Research invites students seeking to pursue academic research in Computer Science to take part in its academic supervision program. This is a unique opportunity to perform world-class practical and theoretical research under the guidance of experienced scientists. Participants will be able to publish their research results at leading conferences or contribute to high-tech services of Yandex: e.g. in modern information retrieval technologies (Korolyov), computer vision, conversational systems (Alice), neural network machine translation, learning algorithms on tree ensembles (CatBoost), and more.
If you are interested in machine learning, algorithms, follow the latest articles (from NIPS, ICML, SIGIR, WWW, WSDM, KDD, ACL, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV and other conferences) and believe in yourself as a beginning researcher, we will be happy to talk. We will be setting challenging tasks, providing academic supervision and listening to your ideas with attention. We are located in a comfortable office near Park Kultury metro station.
For MIPT and HSE students, participation in Yandex Academic Supervision Program
can count as a thesis.
Participation in the program takes 15 to 30 hours per week, the program takes one year. Participation in the program is on a paid basis.

You will be engaged in:

  • development of new technologies;
  • conducting experiments;
  • studying existing publications on your topic;
  • writing articles describing new results.


  • technical education with good background in the field of mathematics and algorithms (BA degree holders or senior students);
  • programming skills in Python (or C ++) sufficient to conduct experiments;
  • desire to regularly read and analyze scientific publications;
  • desire to pursue as a scientific career.