We are Yandex.Cloud

Yandex.Cloud is a fast-growing branch of Yandex in the rapidly developing cloud market. We provide IaaS/PaaS/SaaS cloud solutions to companies and technical entrepreneurs so they can build their own digital products and services.

We’ve achieved a lot already, and our plans are ambitious.

Among our clients are Ozon, Kaspersky, SkyEng, Alfa-Bank, Gazprom, Renault, and M.Video-Eldorado. Our current growth is seven times the market rate, and we set an ambitious goal of becoming a notable player in the global cloud market. This year, we announced our launch into the European cloud market in 2022. The German region is the first step of this expansion.

Tasks that await you

  • Conduct end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering, requirement specification, processing, analysis, ongoing deliverables, and presentations
  • Develop a product metrics pyramid for new and existing services with product managers
  • Create and maintain dashboards and monitoring options for product metrics
  • Explore hypotheses for potential product growth, implement them, and measure the impact

After full launch in the international region, your work will be concentrated on international cloud clients and specific international products.

Examples of questions you could be asked as a Product Analyst:

How can we measure the influence of free services on how paid services are consumed?

What consumption patterns for Data Platform services do our clients show?

Which models of SpeechKit voices are the most popular and why?

We expect that you

  • Degree in math, programming, or economics from a top-tier Russian or international university
  • 3+ years of experience in analytics
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and a programming language
  • Experience forming the architecture for analytical infrastructure and data models
  • Ability to explain and present research results clearly
  • Relevant examples in previous work of successfully finding insights in data
  • Advanced speaking and writing proficiency in English
Thank you for your apply!

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