Lead SRE at Yandex Cloud

Our experience taking Yandex Cloud from a complex engineering product to a fast-growing business led us to further invest in what contributed to that success: DevOps. We’re looking to leverage our experience and use what we've learned to guarantee platform availability.

We're putting together a big SRE team to handle production in all the regions where Yandex Cloud operates, work with development teams to advance product architecture and boost availability, and improve our processes and management tools.


  • Ensure fault-tolerance, scale, and uninterrupted operations for the service
  • Use cutting-edge cloud technology to solve a variety of infrastructure problems
  • Implement and improve CI/CD processes


  • 7+ years of experience with Go, Python, or C++
  • Solid understanding of classic algorithms and data structures
  • Commercial experience with and deep understanding of Unix systems and network technology
  • Experience with systems for containerization and configuration management (Ansible, Salt, Terraform, Docker, K8s, Helm)

Preferred qualifications:

  • Desire to be involved in backend development (C++)
  • Experience designing, developing, and running high-load distributed systems
  • Commercial experience with a variety of cloud platforms
Application submitted.
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Sun Dec 05 2021 23:51:08 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)