Hypervisor Developer

The Hypervisor team supports and develops the elements of Yandex Cloud that directly impact the KVM hypervisor and QEMU device emulator. We understand low-level details of how hardware visualization and device emulation work, in particular driving performance and eliminating problematic code. If you’re an experienced system developer and want to get involved in a large-scale, exciting project, we’d love to have you.


  • Optimize I/O for emulated hard drives and network devices
  • Integrate the hypervisor into the rest of the platform’s services as well as our tools for storing user data
  • Effectively distribute resources between virtual machines
  • Improve support for guest systems
  • Drive low-level security for the hypervisor and emulator
  • Provide general support, squash bugs, and handle upstream monitoring


  • Understanding of how x86-compatible system devices work (virtual memory, terminations, privilege rings)
  • Knowledge of C and C++
  • Experience writing system code in user mode for Linux at a very general level, including tools for debugging, analysis, and optimization (the emulator is built on the user mode system process for Linux)

Preferred qualifications:

  • Understanding of PCI, SCSI, ACPI
  • Experience working with the Linux core
  • Familiarity with hardware virtualization for x86
  • Familiarity with the QEMU/KVM code base
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