Smart Mobile Solutions Developer for Yandex Phone

Moscow, Saint PetersburgAndroidYandex.PhoneSpecialist
Yandex Phone is a comprehensive personal product designed to make the life of our users more convenient and to offer them a perfect mobile device. Launching our own device is a crucial step for Yandex. It is our priority, a strategically important project that remains under close media attention. From the developer’s point of view, the project is also challenging: on the one hand, it is software development, and on the other hand, the end result is literally tangible.
It is no surprise for anyone now that with a phone one can search for information, plan routes and listen to music: it goes without saying. Today, a device can be interesting only if it adapts to the users, their interests and habits, behaving in a friendly and obedient manner. If you are an experienced Android developer, keep an eye on mobile technologies, want to create products for millions of people and are familiar with machine learning, this job is for you. What is more, if you join the Yandex Phone team you will no longer have to suffer explaining to your friends and parents what exactly you do at work.

With us you can:

  • participate in the development of innovative mobile solutions;
  • create products that are used by millions of people;
  • develop skills in both development and mentoring;
  • improve in the field of machine learning by participating in seminars and conferences.

What we expect from you:

  • experience developing for the Android platform, including NDK;
  • applications downloadable on Google Play;
  • basic knowledge of machine learning algorithms;
  • good knowledge of theory of probability and mathematical statistics.

We welcome:

  • backend development experience in Python and C++;
  • ability to develop custom user interface components in mobile applications.
Candidates familiar with the means of continuous integration and having some experience in Git are preferred.