Data Evangelist

Any city, remote workSpecialist
Toloka is one of the world's largest crowdsourcing platforms for collecting and labeling large amounts of data for machine learning projects, ultimately solving a variety of problems for businesses. The data labeled on the platform is used to drive computer vision, speech recognition, search algorithms, recommendation systems, and more. Toloka is a key tool for major IT companies globally.
We are looking for an experienced data evangelist with a passion for data science and a talent for distilling technical concepts into clear, concise, and engaging content. Since your audience will be ML engineers, developers, data engineers, and other tech professionals, your content will need to resonate with them.


  • build examples and blog posts showing how to solve common problems using our technology;
  • engage in conversations on GitHub, on Slack, and in user community meetups as well as at industry and academic conferences, roadshows, boot camps, hackathons, lectures, and elsewhere;
  • run community events;
  • develop programs to engage customers in the broader community;
  • participate in educational activities;
  • listen to and document DS or MLE needs, problems, and success factors;
  • act as a key resource for data scientists and MLEs, facilitate product adoption;
  • provide strategic recommendations for engineering, product, research, and marketing teams to help prioritize company direction and the product roadmap;
  • participate in product development so you’re in touch with our product, market, and communities;
  • manage, analyze, and report progress on various evangelism initiatives.

Required experience:

  • 7+ years in the data science and AI/ML space as a practitioner, as a consultant, or working for a vendor;
  • quickly grasping complex technical concepts and make them easy to understand in text and graphics;
  • delivering high quality content, demonstrating attention to detail;
  • developing, drafting, and editing short- and long-form content;
  • communicating and presenting clearly and effectively;
  • converting interesting ideas, patterns, and lessons into written and video content that provide value to the entire community.