Grow your app
with Yandex

Promote, analyze, monetize. Yandex services will help you to expand your app opportunities

Engage a new audience in your app.
Pay only for the results you need
Pay for results
Control your performance with CPI 
or in-app events optimization campaigns
Make ads in minutes
User-friendly interface allows you to gather 
the appropriate audience and generate dynamic 
ads automatically
Get the audience
Waste no time while selecting targets and keywords. Yandex will find the right audience and automatically check its quality.
Use advanced formats
Ad formats were updated to reduce the number 
of random clicks and bounce rates.
Get more revenue advertising
with the Yandex Advertising Network
Relevant ads
We take into account more than 100 factors when choosing ads for every user. More than 400 thousand advertisers compete to show your ads in the Yandex Advertising Network.
Fast formats
Banners, interstitials, rewarded videos. Native ads, in which you decide how your ad will look like. We've doubled the speed of ad loading in the latest versions of our SDK.
Mobile Mediation
Our platform automatically selects the most profitable ads from several advertising systems. Machine learning technologies optimize the number of requests to increase ad loading speed — and your revenue.
Success story

+36% CPM after switching to Yandex Mobile Mediation. Nevosoft has tested Yandex Mobile Mediation on Russian users and compared the indicators with the current mediator.

All you need for grow your app metrics — for free

Product Analytics
Improve app KPIs with intuitive funnels: analyse onboarding and purchase scenarios. Look in detail at the profiles of the most active and paying users and estimate the revenue from in-app purchases without markup. Compare user cohorts engagement with a huge set of filters and groupings.
Build effective marketing campaigns without spending the budget on tracking. Rank channels based on new audience return and revenue. Use user behavior insights for remarketing or free push notifications with A/B tests and flexible targeting settings.
Crash and Error reporting
Learn more about crashes. Real-time monitoring lets you know what went wrong. Access detailed reports for troubleshooting in one click.
Unlimited data storage and exporting
Fits perfectly for large app portfolios, custom metrics projects and fine-tuning analytics. Export raw data from AppMetrica for any period or display it in real-time on your dashboards.

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