Behind each and every app there are real people, lots of talent and constant movement. We know this, because we are just like you. We are always looking for better solutions that help you get the most from monetizing your mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Monetization tools

Yandex Advertising Network
Monetize traffic from Russia.  YAN will serve a thousand verified ads from advertisers in Russia to your app.
Mobile Mediation
Boost revenue from traffic from around the world. The platform will choose the most relevant and profitable ad from a variety of ad networks and YAN.

How Mobile Mediation works

Mobile mediation uses cutting-edge solutions like the self-learning algorithm instead of the waterfall model to bypass thresholds. This combination of technology and data makes it possible to:
  • Increase income thanks to faster loading ads. The algorithm predicts which system offers the best bid and contacts it first. This helps you show your ad faster, reduce traffic loss and increase revenue by an average of 25%*.

    *Yandex data, average indicators of partners after enabling Mobile Mediation
  • Show relevant ads and keep track of GDPR compliance. The platform allows you to take more than 150 audience characteristics into account andreceive consent from users to collect data from your app.
  • Monetize traffic from all over the world. The platform works with AdMob, MoPub, MyTarget, Facebook, UnityAds and other major networks, allowing you to earn revenue no matter where your audience is.

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