Your key to Yandex services
Yandex ID is a single account for Yandex services and other sites that support Yandex authorization. If you're using Yandex.Mail or other Yandex services, you already have an ID
Easy to register
You can get a Yandex ID in just a few minutes — all we need is your name and phone number. You don't need to fill out long forms or enter your email address.
Save bank card info, delivery addresses, and other details. You'll never need to enter this data on Yandex again.
Control Panel
Use Yandex ID to manage your subscriptions and login history on Yandex.
Quick login
If you see the red letter "Y" on a website, just click it to log in. No long forms or registration confirmation.
Family account
ID is easy to use as a family. Invite your loved ones, and they can use your card to pay for taxi, order food, and much more.
Unified support center
See your messages across all Yandex services — including Yandex.Mail and Messenger — in one place. View all your requests from the past year without searching different places.
Reliable protection
We store your data securely and protect your ID. Yandex ID reminds you to change your password, alerts you to suspicious login attempts, and supports two-factor authentication.
Strengthen your Yandex
account security
How to create a Yandex ID?
You can get started here. If you have Yandex.Mail, your Yandex ID is already good to go — just enter your password.
Do I need to have an email address to use Yandex ID?
No, you don't. You can create a Yandex ID with your name and phone number (you'll need to confirm it first). An email address is only necessary for certain services, such as Yandex.Mail or Yandex.Disk.
I already have Yandex.Mail. Do I have to get a Yandex ID?
You don't have to do anything. Your Yandex ID is ready. You can log in right now. Just enter your password.
What if I already have Yandex.Passport?
You don't have to do anything. Everything you used in Yandex.Passport is already available in your Yandex ID.
What do I need to sign in to my Yandex ID?
Your phone number, username or email on Yandex. Just one of them is enough.
How can I protect my data in Yandex ID?

Yandex makes every effort to protect the data that's stored on our servers. There are additional measures you can take to prevent unauthorized access to your Yandex ID.

If you sign in to Yandex ID with a username or email address and password

  1. Make your password complex. Change the password:
    • If you think that someone might have figured it out.
    • If Yandex detects suspicious activity and asks you to change it.
    • Just to be safe — at least once a year.
  2. Link your phone number to Yandex ID and enter your real first name and last name. You can quickly restore access if something happens.
  3. Add a recovery email address.
  4. Use two-factor authentication.

If you sign in to Yandex ID with a phone number and confirmation via SMS

  1. Make sure that no one else can access your phone.
  2. As a precaution, link your email address to Yandex ID and create a password.

Learn more about securing your Yandex ID in Help .

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