Fireboy and Watergirl 5

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About game

Are you ready to delve into mysterious and deadly temples one more time? You will face lava pools, water puddles, buttons, levers, platforms, and many other interesting puzzle features as you try to clear a safe path for both of your elemental characters to reach the end to complete each level and proceed to the next. Let the adventure begin! PRESS THE ARROWS to move Fireboy. PRESS A, W, S, and D to move Watergirl.

How to play

Switch between Fireboy and Watergirl and play alone or together as players. The goal is to reach the exit safely so be careful Fireboy cannot touch water and Watergirl cannot touch fire. Green goo is dangerous for both of them. USE THE ARROW KEYS <^> to move Fireboy. USE A, W, and D to move Watergirl.

Game info

Age rating
Authorization support
English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian
Screen orientation
Release date
Apr 19, 2019
Cloud saves