Office Fight

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About game

Features: - Fun office atmosphere. - Boss at every stage of the game. - Endless gameplay. - Points for each hit. - A store where you can buy office supplies. - 6 types of projectiles (crumpled paper, pencils, erasers, books, and yes, 23-inch monitors are also at your service). - Bonus for each hit in the cute mouse, which from time to time appears here and there. - Funny theme and fun music. Hit your colleagues before they hit you! Knock your colleagues off their feet by throwing various office supplies at them. They will not remain in debt and will also throw objects at you, reducing your health indicator. The game ends when your health is at zero. Buy more effective projectiles. Each direct hit will earn you points. Tap the screen with your finger in the place where you want to launch the projectile, or use the mouse to aim, and then press the button to shoot. Be careful! Periodically, you will meet with the boss!

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Mar 5, 2019
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