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Move the blocks to make a row. Each completed row will earn you points. Complete 2 or more rows at the same time and get a bonus! How many points can you score? Features: - Interactive guide. - Endless gameplay-Play until you run out of moves. - A calm theme that helps you concentrate on the game. - Development of spatial thinking! This game will appeal to fans of "Tetris" and "Trixology". Earn points by completing horizontal rows. By completing multiple rows at the same time, you will get even more points! Ingenuity will help you find unusual ways to combine blocks. The game is endless, so try to earn as many points as possible. The game ends when there is no more space for new blocks on the field. Use all available blocks. Drag them with your mouse or finger. To take a block, hold it. After finding a suitable place for it, move the block and release it.

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Mar 5, 2019
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