Flappy Unicorn

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Fly across the rainbow sky, dodging huge crystals. How many obstacles can you avoid in this retro pixel arcade game? Get gems for each successfully bypassed obstacle and buy bonuses on them! Features: - endless gameplay - romantic unicorn theme - romantic music - 6 different bonuses (decrease, shield, slow down, fast forward, increased openings and more!) - virtual goods-to motivate players - points - to maintain the competitive spirit Help the unicorn to fly carelessly in the clouds, without crashing into the crystals. Try to hold out as far as possible. Tap the screen or click the mouse button to make the unicorn fly up. Calculate the ups and downs so as to avoid a collision. Be careful! If the unicorn collides with the crystal or falls, the game is over! Collect gems and exchange them for bonuses. The further you get, the more crystals you will get.

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Mar 14, 2019
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