Leave Me Alone

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The name speaks for itself. In this retro pixel arcade game, you have to fight off the zombies coming from all sides. How long will you last? The further you go, the harder it will be! Features: - manual; - hordes of zombies; - endless gameplay; - fun music; - collect more points to gain access to more cool characters; - Play as different characters: Ninja, Bruce Lee, Iron Robot, Samurai and many others! Fans of Bruce Lee and Street Fighter will appreciate this game. Don't let the zombies overpower you! Swipe your finger or press the arrow key corresponding to the direction from which the zombies appear. You will need a good reaction, otherwise the game will end quickly. The further you advance, the faster your enemies become. But don't worry: as soon as the bar above your character fills up, its abilities will automatically increase. Try to score more points. This will allow you to access other characters.

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Mar 14, 2019
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