Banana Jungle

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Become a gorilla in the picturesque jungle. Collect bananas, avoiding mushrooms with sharp spikes, huge boulders and fallen trees. How far can you run? Features: - Simple one-touch gameplay. You can start the game right away! - Clear instructions. - Stunning graphics - Fun theme - Great music - Increasingly challenging tasks. All rounds are different from each other. Easy to understand, but hard to get the hang of. - Exciting multi-hour gameplay Banana Jungle is an endless 2D runner game. Beat your own highscore by collecting more bananas and going a longer distance. Avoid sharp spikes and logs that roll right at you. Every obstacle can be the last one! To jump, tap the screen once or click the mouse. To double jump, tap the screen or double-click. Carefully calculate the time of the jump, so as not to fall into the trap. Use the double jump to get to the higher platforms and avoid the obstacles. Only a quick reaction will allow you to escape from sudden traps.

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Mar 14, 2019
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