Mango Piggy Piggy Hero

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Control the superhero pigs to protect the city from the invasion of evil robots. Captain Piggy launches his super shield at the enemies, and they fall, defeated, one by one. The Iron Pig explodes on landing, shattering everything around it. Piggy Thor raises his formidable hammer and smashes enemies with lightning right and left. Features: - Bright superhero theme, heroic music - More than 30 levels in each episode - Challenging levels that require a combination of the abilities of all super-pigs - Formidable bosses - An interactive guide where you can learn about the superpowers of each heroic pig. - full screen Launch Piggy super-pigs from the catapult and hit the enemies on the spot. To complete the level, destroy all the enemies using the unique abilities of each of the pigs. Aim the pig at the enemy with a catapult. To select another hero, click on it. Pull the catapult back and make sure that you aim, and then launch a heroic projectile at the enemy.

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Mar 14, 2019
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