Tactical Squad

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You are a tactical squad agent. You are entrusted with an important mission to eliminate a particularly dangerous painted man. You have a limited amount of ammo. You have a sniper rifle in your hands. Time is running out. You must quickly navigate, locate the target and destroy it. Make sure that no bystanders get hurt! Each eliminated target will bring you bonuses. Use them to buy a cooler rifle. A dynamic first-person shooter for fans of the genre. Features: - Innovative sight system - Unlimited number of missions (moving targets, random passers-by, and more) - Pre-game military training - 5 different locations - A gun shop where you can buy more effective rifles Take aim at the target and destroy it as quickly as possible. Choose a map and complete all the missions. Each eliminated target will bring you bonuses. Use power-ups to modify weapons in the shop. To aim, hover your mouse or swipe the screen. To shoot, tap the screen or click the left mouse button.

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Mar 14, 2019
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