Spiral Roll

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About game

Spiral Roll is an addictive game where you need to make spirals with your chisel and release them to knock down walls and other obstacles. Create a path to victory by clearing all the obstacles and walls in your way with spirals. Make sure to time your release correctly, so you don’t hit obstacles and get knocked back. Hit bonus boxes and accumulate the best points with the upward flick. Execute your upward flick at the end of your scraping to send your spiral into the air and gather the best points. Spiral Roll is simple and short, with easy controls that will help you relax in your free time.

How to play

Objective: player digs the wood to create successive rolls and reach the end of the road - Win: player reaches the end of the level with the roll - Loss: player touches the wrong element (wall, iron floor, etc.) or player’s hit by the roll Don’t wait after each hit or after knocking down a wall. Start scraping again even if there is still rubble around you. Your points are determined by how much scraping you do. Even when the stretch of gold or wood is small, keep scraping to get your points up and stack up on the combo bonuses. Can you make it?

Game info

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English, Russian
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Release date
Sep 12, 2022
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