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About game

A word-building game for 2 players. You can play it with friends, computer or with players from all over the world via the Internet. Spell words on the board with letters from your tile rack. When all tiles have been played, the player with the higher score wins. Players take turns to move and receive points for each turn. The amount of points given to create a word depends on which tiles are used and on the bonus squares the tiles are placed on. You may use any word in the chosen language except proper nouns, abbreviations, and words written with apostrophes or hyphens. You can use all cases, declinations, and tenses. You may not use dictionaries to look up words. The goal of the game is to collect the highest number of points. In the Internet games, players have 36 hours to create their word; and if they fail, they forfeit the game. Good luck 🌟 - your winning scrabble word awaits!

How to play

Each player is given 7 tiles. The player may either create a word, exchange tiles (when more than 7 spare tiles are left), pass, or resign. The first word is played vertically or horizontally so that one of the tiles falls on the central START square of the 15x15 game board. Each new word must share a tile (or tiles) with words already on the board. There are over 100 alphabet tiles (depends on the chosen dictionary) with a point value and 2 blanks. Blank tiles don't have any points, but they may be used as any letter. Bonuses: START and WORD x2 - double word score, LETTER x2 and x3 - letter score, WORD x3 - triple word score. For any turn in which all 7 tiles are played, add an extra 55 points. The game ends when a player is out of tiles or after 3 passes in a row. After counting all the points, each player’s score is reduced by the point value of his unplayed tiles; if a player has used all of his tiles, his score is increased by the point value of his opponent’s unplayed tiles.

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English, Russian
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Aug 22, 2022
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