Draw Climber

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About game

Draw Climber is an ingenious little puzzler that takes advantage of modern technology. In it, players must create limbs through which their avatar can clamber from one end of a given level to another. Earn points by completing the level as fast as possible, and by collecting coins and power-ups along the way. Draw something long, and your character will move much faster – but they won’t be able to move through narrow passageways, and they won’t be able to collect those coins that are low to the ground. Use the mouse (or your finger) to draw a new limb in the box beneath your character. - Win: player finishes the race in the first position - Loss: player finishes the race in the second position

How to play

Draw your legs/wheels to win the race. You can change your legs/wheels throughout the game session. Can you make it?

Game info

Age rating
Authorization support
English, Russian
Screen orientation
Release date
Sep 28, 2022
Cloud saves