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About game is an exciting and competitive io-type casual game. In a giant water slide, many different characters have to glide forward and compete against each other. The player has to maintain good control over his character to avoid touching the surrounding obstacles and try to overcome the other characters to reach the finishing line first. Features: 1. Game progress is relatively fast so that players can quickly increase their skills and competitiveness through enjoyable and challenging gameplay. 2. When the character slides forward, he has to avoid the other characters and the various obstacles on the water slide to win the race 3. A simple yet challenging game with harmonious and colorful interface to provide players with a comfortable visual experience.

How to play

The game is easy to play, and the gameplay is simple yet challenging. Players only need to control their character with their fingers to slalom between the various obstacles. There are bonus gold coins along the way; picking them up increases the sliding speed. Reach the finishing line first and win the race. Can you make it?

Game info

Age rating
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Hindi, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Indonesian, English
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Release date
Nov 8, 2021
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