Roof Rails

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About game

Roof Rails is a casual game similar to parkour. Players need to overcome many obstacles to reach the end. The gameplay of this game is different from other parkour games. Players need to use their poles to grab the rails and then slide to the next roof, collecting pieces along the way to increase the length of their poles. They also need to avoid various obstacles such as saws or lava. The pole must be long enough for the player to slide through the rails and attain the next roof smoothly. This game is simple yet challenging, and lots of players fail to reach the end. Can you make it?

How to play

The player controls the central character with his fingers. Collect pole pieces along the way to increase the length of your pole so that you can go through various obstacles such as chainsaws or lava. As you progress through the levels, get to the finishing line quickly to win. Don't go off the track or you will lose and have to start all over again.

Game info

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Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, German, English, French, Hindi
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Release date
Oct 28, 2021
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