City Takeover

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About game

City Takeover has exciting puzzle and strategic gameplay. Players use their fingers to connect buildings together and can choose different directions when sliding to hand-build and create a new defense front. Grow the biggest army and conquer the city by crushing your opponents. Going through the game numerous levels, players will also earn lots of different rewards.

How to play

Using his finger, the player can connect a building to another one by drawing a line between them and then complete either an attack or a reinforcement operation. A different method can also be used: the player can first click on the building that needs either reinforcement or that he wants to attack. Then, he can click again on the icon displayed to automatically complete the connection operation. The player can cut off the connection between buildings by sliding his finger over the connection line to cancel either the attack or the reinforcement operation. When there are obstacles between two buildings, they cannot be directly connected. Each building can only be connected to a limited number of other buildings. When a building reaches this limit, it cannot be connected anymore until you cut off other existing connection lines first. When the player captures all of the buildings on the map and turns them into his own, he wins.

Game info

Age rating
Authorization support
Russian, English
Screen orientation
Release date
Nov 6, 2021
Cloud saves