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Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) is a technology company that provides user-centric online services based on artificial intelligence. Yandex has been creating platform solutions and developing partnerships with device manufacturers, mobile carriers, software developers, publishers and other market players for 19 years to the benefit of millions of users of search and mobile products around the world.

Transform your business with the Yandex Partnership Program

Partner with Yandex to gain additional, reoccurring income from AI-powered ads on Yandex Zen in Yandex Browser and Yandex Launcher, and from app recommendations within Yandex Launcher implemented in your products.

Don't give away all your post-sale revenue to the developer of your OS.


Both Yandex Zen and Yandex Launcher are based on Yandex's proprietary recommendation technology incorporating the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our partners

Yandex’s global partnership program for Android handset manufacturers and telecom operators currently covers 15 countries. Current partners include Fly, LAVA, Mobile TeleSystems, Multilaser, Posh Mobile, Wileyfox and ZTE, making Yandex products available in Europe, India, Latin America and Africa.

Our solutions

Yandex Zen

Infinite, AI-powered personally targeted content feed, based on the interests of each individual end user

Incorporates sophisticated technologies to simplify the end user experience: machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Supports multiple integration options: as a part of Yandex Browser or Yandex Launcher and as a separate SDK for third party deployment.

Daily Zen usage is growing steadily and currently stands at 20 minutes, which is close to the average time people spend on social networks.*

*29 minutes per day, according to eMarketer, Growth in Time Spent with Media Is Slowing, June 6, 2016.

Yandex Launcher

Personalisation software that vastly improves user experience on Android™ devices

Key features include: app recommendation, innovative app filters, smart search function, personalisation and Zen content discovery.

Easy to integrate and customise according to your business needs and brand (from themes to app position on the home screens).

Features in-built monetisation opportunities: Yandex Zen with AI powered advertising and our App Recommendation Kit.

Yandex Launcher's design integrates all monetisation mechanics in a way that is efficient yet non-intrusive to the user. This achieves a better balance between user interface and user monetisation. Such integration increases retention and engagement whilst supporting the brand.

Yandex Browser

Fast, customisable and secure browser

Includes unique features such as built-in malware protection, A-powered security and ad filtering and data compression technology that boosts page loading on low connection speeds.

Available in versions for Windows®, OS X, Android and iOS.

Includes wide choice of backgrounds and other customisation options including Tableau for frequently used websites and multiple choices for search engine (Yahoo, Google, Bing).

Integrated with Yandex Zen feed and its AI-powered native advertising.

First ever Chromium-based mobile browser to support desktop web extensions on Android platforms.

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