Getting started

To set up and start using Yandex.XML, follow these steps:
  1. Register the IP address that you plan to send search requests from.
  2. Send a test request.

    Make sure that requests are sent successfully from the specified IP address:

    • Send a request from the service's interface. The interface should be accessed from the computer that is assigned the IP address specified during registration.

    • Form a GET request and send it from the computer that is assigned the IP address that was specified during registration. For example, if during registration the string “” was returned to the field URL for queries, use the following GET request:
  3. Check the received XML document.

    The response should correspond to the specified format and should not contain errors.

    Note. If there are no results for the search string, an error with the code “15” is acceptable.
  4. Register your sites in Yandex.Webmaster. After registration, individual restrictions are determined for the current user.
  5. Review the daily and hourly restrictions on the Information about restrictions page.
    The current user can only use Yandex.XML on the sites they have personally confirmed their rights for in Yandex.Webmaster (the rights were not delegated by another user).
  6. Configure request parameters.

    The GET and POST methods are supported.

  7. Review the response format.
  8. Set up response handling.

    For formatting search results, you must comply with the design requirements.

  9. If necessary. Request information about hourly restrictions for the next 24 hours.
  10. Optional. Set up protection from robots.