Getting site statistics

Returns general information about site indexing.

  1. Request format
  2. Response format
  3. Response codes

Request format

Path parameters
user-idType: int64. User ID. Required when calling all Yandex.Webmaster API resources. To get it, use the GET /v4/user method.
host-idType: host id (string). The site ID. To get it, use the GET /v4/user/{user-id}/hosts method.

Response format


Parameter Required Type Description
sqi Yes int32 Site quality index .
excluded_pages_count Yes int64 The number of excluded pages.
searchable_pages_count Yes int64 Number of pages in search.
site_problems Yes int32 For the number of issues found on the site, grouped by severity, see Error severity.

Issue categories on the site (SiteProblemSeverityEnum)

Indicator Description Note
FATAL Fatal errors. Checks the server connection, site availability for indexing, security and compliance with Yandex guidelines.

This may lead to excluding individual pages or the entire site from search results.

We recommend monitoring these errors and fixing them as soon as possible.

CRITICAL Critical issues. Checks the presence and validity of the SSL certificate, the number of broken internal links, and the server response time.
POSSIBLE_PROBLEM Possible issues. Checks the Sitemap and robots.txt file validity, settings for displaying non-existent files, the number of duplicate pages, the presence of redirects, annoying ads, and so on. May affect the quality and speed of site indexing.
RECOMMENDATION Recommendations. Usually includes suggestions for improving the site's ranking in search results. Use them to improve the site's ranking in search results.

Response codes

To view the response structure in detail, click the reason.

Code Reason Description
200 OK


The ID of the user who issued the token differs from the one specified in the request. In the examples below, {user_id} shows the correct uid of the OAuth token owner.

  "error_code": "INVALID_USER_ID",
  "available_user_id": 1,
  "error_message": "Invalid user id. {user_id} should be used."

The site is not in the list of the user's sites.

  "error_code": "HOST_NOT_FOUND",
  "host_id": "",
  "error_message": "explicit error message"
The site data isn't uploaded to Yandex.Webmaster yet.
  "error_code": "HOST_NOT_LOADED",
  "host_id": "",
  "error_message": "some string"
Site management rights are not verified.
  "error_code": "HOST_NOT_VERIFIED",
  "host_id": "",
  "error_message": "some string"