How do I work with the API versions?

  1. Numbering
  2. Supported versions
  3. Using version 4


The version number consists of two numbers (for example, 4.1). The version number increases with each update:
  • The first number is incremented when there are significant changes to the API architecture.
  • The second number is incremented when the new version has backward compatibility with previous versions.

Supported versions

  • 3.2 — Archived version.
  • 4.0 — Archived version.
  • 4.1 — Current version.

Archived versions are still supported, but aren't updated with new functionality.

The reference for version 3.2 is available at this URL. The reference for version 4 is updated to the current version in the current documentation. Changes between versions are shown in the migration guide to the new version. A separate guide is supported for each version:

Using version 4

You can find the query format in the resource reference. When using version 4, you can specify v4 in the request, unless the format specifies otherwise, to use the current API version by default.

To use an archived version, specify the version explicitly in the request (for example, v4.0).