Server response codes

If the request contains the only_errors=true parameter and errors were not found in the validated document, the server returns the code “204 No Content”.

If errors occur when processing the request, the server response contains the error key.


{"error":Server response}

The table below lists error codes and descriptions:

Code Server response Description
204 No Content - The document does not contain any errors.


Incorrect id value Invalid format for the request ID (id parameter).
Url invalid Invalid format for the URL of the document to validate (the url parameter).
Url is missing

The url parameter is missing or empty.

Use POST request with not empty body For the document_parser validation method, the POST request must be used with a non-empty request body.
Unsupported language code Invalid value set for the error message language (the lang parameter).
403 API key isn't valid Invalid API key specified.
Validation is prohibited by site owner Using the Structured Data Validator API to process this page is not allowed by the owner of the website.
Rate limit exceeded The request limit has been reached.
404 Unsupported version An invalid version of the Structured Data Validator API is specified.
Unsupported method

An invalid document validation method is specified.

504 IO error while downloading document Error loading the page. The page may have been deleted, may be temporarily unavailable, or downloading it might be prohibited in robots.txt.